Principal's Address 7 June 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 7 June 2013

  • June 6, 2013

Principal’s Address 7 June 2013

Master plan for new land

This year we have finalised the new master plan for the whole campus that incorporates the land next door. The plan is incredibly exciting yet at the same time realistic for our needs as we grow into the future God has planned for us.

This plan has been the result of the input of architects, town planners, traffic engineers, civil engineers environmental engineers, staff, students and parents. From the start to where we are now it has taken a period of well over eight months due to the unique environmental, building and regulatory challenges the site presents. I believe that nearly every conceivable configuration of the facilities and traffic flow has been considered.

For those of you who attended our recent Open Day, you may have seen the draft plans. If you missed it, you can click on this link to see a copy. The plans have been submitted to council and therefore will remain draft plans until approval is granted.

Also please note that we are not yet at a point to determine when certain buildings will be built but our first building on the land will be the first dedicated Primary building which will comprise seven classrooms (three classrooms on each side per year level and a specialist room along with toilets, a staff preparation area and a 13m wide undercover area that links the two classroom spines. I’m sure that the new 90 bay car park will be welcomed by all families. We are envisioning that construction for both of these projects will begin mid 2014.

iPad breakages

Please note that there is a new edition of the Middle School iPad program handbook available on the GCCC website or you can access it by clicking here. This handbook supersedes any other version. A new handbook was necessary as the old one was written in October 2012, right at the program’s infancy. As the program has matured we have had to make some changes and also include some helpful articles that will be of benefit to parents.

Of particular importance is the clause concerning breakages. In the old handbook the clause reads; “Firstly, whether the damage was wilful or accidental will be considered. If the damage is deemed to be wilful the student will need to pay the cost of repairing the iPad. If the damage is accidental the school insurance will cover the repair”

The clause is problematic for a few reasons;

  1. The school’s insurance incurs an excess which is not properly explained in the statement 
  2. Even accidents have layers of attributed responsibility, for instance if a student carries their iPad routinely from class to class in a careless manner, and then the iPad falls, it may be considered an accident. However, it was an accident that can easily be avoided. It is impossible for any level of investigation to successfully determine the level of culpability in these kinds of accidents. 
  3. It is right that we teach students real world actions bring consequences. People are accountable for their actions. 

For these reasons the new clause points out that any breakages to an iPad in need of repair will incur a cost of 100 dollars. This does not include mechanical failures that are covered by warranty. Furthermore students will not receive their iPad back until the 100 dollars has been paid for.

Since this policy has been explained to students we have seen a decrease in the number of accidental iPad breakages to only a handful. There is something about human nature that sees us valuing things more when a cost is attached.

All breakages must be reported to Mrs Vreeling as soon as possible after they occur.

The P and F Trivia Night

Next Saturday night (June 15) is the P and F Trivia Night. It starts at 6.30pm at Glasshouse Country Baptist Church. The inaugural event was last year and it was a lot of fun. This year promises to be even bigger and better than ever. For full details see the P and F article contained in this newsletter.

The Out School Hours Club update

There is nothing further to report as far as progress goes unfortunately as we are still waiting for the licensing authority to come and properly approve the various spaces. I am told this will most likely happen during the school holidays. At this stage we are aiming for the service begin early next term. I will keep you updated of further developments.

Car Park Issues

The Prep car park is for the use of our Prep families exclusively. The Prep car park is the safest way that our youngest students can get to their family car.

Also please be mindful that we are trying to be a good neighbour to the people who live on Roberts Road. Do not park across people’s driveways for any reason.

Year 12 Community Service Project

During our Year 12 Religion and Ethics class this term we have been looking in depth at the issue of youth homelessness. As part of the Year 12 Service Project we are asking for donations of toiletry items so that we can make up ‘care-packs’ to donate to the Nambour Homeless Youth Project. Donations of soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, combs, brushes, face washers will be gratefully accepted. Please bring all donations to Secondary Admin, Mrs Winlaw or your senior leaders. We will be collecting these until June 17 and making up the packs in on the last day of term. Thank you for helping us help others.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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