Primary News 7 June 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 7 June 2013

  • June 6, 2013

Primary News 7 June 2013



Friday 21 June
Morning Tea from 11.00am
Concert starts at 11.30am


Morning tea on the church verandah and then concert in the church.
Following this grandparents will move to the College grounds and visit classrooms.

CORRECTION   Invitations have been emailed to parents.

Please pass on to grandparents for RSVP.

If no grandparents live in close proximity, a significant family member or friend is welcome to attend.



Grandparents Day 2013 invitation




 Legacy Cup

 This outstanding Legacy Cup is awarded to the overall winning house (Zion, Sinai or Ararat) which gains the most points (Primary and Secondary combined) throughout the year for activities outside sporting events.

This allows non-sporting students to participate in events which may be more service oriented or academic focussed and gives EVERY student the opportunity to shine.

The first Legacy Cup event for 2013 was Clean Up Australia and it was such a wonderful TEAM effort and all students worked shoulder to shoulder cleaning their allotted areas.

It was quite amusing to hear children register some distress when areas they had diligently cleaned, had some dirt, sand or litter in the subsequent weeks.

We reminded them that they now have some insight into how their mums feel. (Smile)

The next Legacy Cup Activity is a SPELLING BEE which will give everyone the opportunity to earn points for his/her House in one, or for a few students, two ways:

  1. Each student will be given a list (at their own level of ability) which they will learn over the last week of Term 2, the holidays and Week 1 in Term 3.  These words will become their spelling programme during this time and children will concentrate on learning them and asking parents to help them by revising the words over those weeks until they have their House Spelling Competition at the end of Week 1 next term.  All scores will be added and an average for each House will be taken to allocate points for First, Second and Third.


  1. Based on the results, teachers will nominate students to be on a team of 4 from each House in their year level.  These teams will compete during Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 in a Spell-off during lunch breaks to determine House points. Students from their own particular year levels will be invited to be present to cheer the teams on for the competition each week.

The points for this HOUSE TEAM SPELLING BEE will be added to the averaged individual class results to determine the Primary winning House for the Spelling Bee Competition for Legacy Cup.

So, please ask your children for their individual Spelling Bee lists which should come home soon.

So – let the games begin!!


Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary           

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