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Middle School News 4 December

  • December 3, 2014

Middle School News 4 December

I heard on the radio in the last few days that, ‘We have 24 shopping days until Christmas’. This time of the year can be extremely busy as we work hard to get through a host of things that need doing or we want done. So much so that we lose sight of whose birthday we are really celebrating. The prophet Isaiah predicted Jesus’ birth 400 years before it happened stating that he would be born of a virgin and called Immanuel. Mary fulfilled this through the virgin birth and with Joseph and Mary calling Jesus Immanuel, which means God is with us. It’s kind of an interesting twist that on Jesus’ birthday we get to enjoy the greatest gift given to mankind which is that Jesus is always with us. Even in our busyness and no matter our circumstances, whether we are deserving or not, whether we go to church or not, whether we realise it or not – Immanuel – Jesus, God’s gift to us – is with us.

Middle Schoolers fundraised for underprivileged children in our local area and donated gifts for the Smith Family Foundation. We raised $265.00 and the gifts were given last week towards this worthy cause.

We have certainly been busy in the last two weeks in our Middle School. Here are a few examples of culminating activities

The Year 7 Design Tech tested their designed cars in a Crash Test assignment. We had quite a few with ‘egg on their face’.

Our Year 8 Design Tech tested their Bridges for weight and strength. Some bridges stood some pretty significant weight testing.

Our Year 8s visited Embracia, an aged care village as a part of their Pastoral Care Class work. I’m so proud of our students – they came back and said, “Mrs Vreeling Can we go there anytime and visit? They were so lovely!” The teacher, Mr Follett, said they just kept singing Christmas Carols, We had only practiced one, but they just sang more and were so happy to share with the older folks.

Our Year 8 French students have had Markets in their classes.

Our Year 9s climbed Mt Coolum on a Rites of passage day.

It is such a pleasure and honour to work with the dedicated staff we have at Glasshouse CCC and also the families that represent our students. I pray you all have a very blessed and happy Christmas.

Next year the Year 7s begin on Tuesday the 27th of January and the Year 8 and 9 on Wednesday the 28th. Please refer to the website regarding start up information. I look forward to beginning the New Year with all our students and their families – both new and old.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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