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Primary News 4 December

  • December 3, 2014

Primary News 4 December

By the time the latest newsletter is published we will have completed the 2014 school year and you will be looking forward to a change of pace – as will our staff. The speed and busyness of Term 4 is exhausting but it has been our privilege to have worked with your children once again throughout this year.

On Orientation Day we welcomed approximately 100+ new students (3 new Prep classes and about 28 additional Year 1 – 6 students). How exciting! Many of our year levels have waiting lists which is very pleasing. To be honest, most new families tell me they are enrolling because of word of mouth from friends or family who already have children in the school. There is no such thing as a PERFECT SCHOOL but I can say with confidence that all of our primary staff are committed to providing a safe caring environment where students can grow socially, spiritually and educationally. To that end, we continue to monitor the progress of every student throughout the year using a number of assessment tools and standardized tests. Moderation of standards across the year levels using student work samples for different aspects of Literacy and Numeracy allows us to report with the confidence.

Next year we are welcoming a number of new staff who are coming to us with incredible skills. The new year promises to hold exciting times for the primary college as we embark on some new learning programmes which we have been investigating or trialling this year. We are always open to change provided we have proven data which shows that the change will assist our students to improve learning outcomes and having trials first is helpful in this regard.

Our Carols by Candlelight and Christmas Concert were such great nights. Even though the hire of the stage, lighting and sound systems is an additional cost to the College, we are thrilled that we are now able to have all the Prep – 2 items on Monday and Year 3 – 6 on Tuesday night instead of having the Year 3 – 6 divided into before interval and after interval because the church was too small for all families in Year 3 – 6.

We are so grateful to our P&F who organized the food aspect of the nights and provided the candles for the children on both evenings.

Our performing arts concerts last week – what a treat! It wasn’t just the concerts this week which were so enjoyable. The performances for the Year 5 Band/Primary Band and the Smart Strings programme in Week 8 made me feel so very proud. Watching the Year 3 students playing so well, dressed up in beautiful dresses and tuxedos was amazing. What a wonderful job the tutors for the Year 5 programme and Ross and Jo Walker for Smart Stings have done throughout the year. It was such a lovely Smart Strings Concert with students and staff all dressed in style, in keeping with the Great Austrian Ballroom theme. I am so delighted that GCCC values both sporting AND performing arts programmes. I can see such interesting times ahead as the opportunities for our students expand every year. Special thanks must go to Mrs Rochelle Harrison and Mrs Penny White who have developed our performing arts programme this year to new levels. Little Voices, Primary Choir and Chapel Band have had a wonderful year also and we are grateful to Mrs Lin Smith, Mrs Jane Beaden and Mrs Rochelle Harrison for all their work throughout 2014.

Year 6 Graduation

Finally, our wonderful Year 6 students had their graduation on Wednesday and we farewelled them with a degree of sadness but with the knowledge that we will see them in Year 7 again. The 2014 Captains spoke of their experiences throughout this year and were presented with Certificates of Service. Thank you Madeleine and Patrick for a fine effort this year. As we look forward to next year we have much pleasure in announcing the Primary Captains for 2015. Once again there were only a few votes separating the two new captains and the other shortlisted candidates, so we encourage those who were unsuccessful in this to nominate for other leadership positions next year. All of these candidates have great potential as leaders.

We congratulate Tate Doneathy and Kiana Reeves on their appointment as Primary Captains for 2015 and pray God’s blessings on them as they prepare for this exciting role.
In closing I would like to wish everyone a safe holiday and a wonderful Christmas. The stress of having to prepare for Christmas sometimes overrides the importance of simply enjoying each other’s company. Please remember that time spent with each family and friends is more precious than expensive presents. Family picnics and fishing activities become treasured memories long after the latest toy has broken. When was the last time you had a family game of cricket? School holidays are starting today so have a wonderful time as a family and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

With Christmas approaching I’d like to share a message I saw many years ago “WISE MEN STILL SEEK HIM”

Kindest Regards and God bless

Cheryl Bryers, HEAD OF PRIMARY

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