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Senior School News 4 December

  • December 3, 2014

Senior School News 4 December

The Year 12s have left and are now celebrating the end of their formal schooling.  I heard a report on Friday night from people in the community who observed about a third of our students travelling to the Whitsundays.  The reports were wonderful with people in the community commenting on how well our students are behaving.  This is both a credit to you as parents as well as to the school – a great partnership!

On Friday night our Year 10 students had their dinner dance and it was a wonderful evening.  Thank you to Mr Warren, Mrs Peters and Miss Hilton along with the Year 10 social committee for putting together such a fantastic event.

Year 12 Student Leaders for 2015

It is my pleasure to announce those students who will be appointed as College Leaders in 2015. They are:

College Captains: Troy Fullerton and Calista Theron

Sports Captain: Ella Mikelson

Performing Arts Captain: Hayden Snow

House Captains

  • Ararat: Thomas Thow and Vanita Mens
  • Sinai: Jesse Snelling and Taylah Holt
  • Zion: Samantha Ruhle and Sarah Rourke-Berry

Chapel Leaders

  • Laura Davis
  • Louise Munyard
  • Maddie Kinsley
  • Monique Newell

The position of Performing Arts Captain is new in 2015 and after the success of the work that Abbey Bates did in raising the profile of Sport as the inaugural Sports Captain this year, I am excited about what can also be achieved in Performing Arts.

Administration Days and Senior School

Please endeavour to take the opportunity to come to the school and get all the equipment the students need prior to the first day of school.  In Senior we are trying to keep disruption to classes to a minimum and hopefully start lessons from Day 1.  This will only be effective for your child if they are ready to learn.

Headstart Students

It was wonderful to receive the news that a large number of our students have been accepted into the Headstart Program for 2015.  These are Year 11 students who will be studying their first University subject while still at school.  10 students applied for Headstart and 9 got accepted.

Listed below are the students and the subjects they will be studying:

Will Smerdon

  • Management & Org Behaviour

Moale James

  • Introduction to Creative Writing

Maddisson Larfield

  • Introduction to Sport

Lachlan McCaig

  • Communication and Thought

Holly Dodwell

  • Introduction to Psychology

Ryan Jeffrey

  • Communication and Thought

Nichola Bates

  • Introduction to Creative Writing

James Proud

  • Communication and Thought

Gemma O’Driscoll

  • Introduction to Psychology

Finally I wish to thank you for your prayers and support all year.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration with family and friends and I look forward to a GREAT 2015!

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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