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Happy Father’s Day to our special dads

  • September 2, 2021

Happy Father’s Day to our special dads

Father’s Day is almost here and we wanted to remind all our dads of all the reasons we celebrate you.

Dads are Rough and Tumble

We love our dads because they rough and tumble, play wrestle and air toss. They are less afraid of pushing the limits and this sometimes makes mums cringe, but we always know that everyone is having fun and will (probably!) be OK in the end. Some mild roughhousing teaches us kids to be resilient and brave, so thanks, dad!

Dad Jokes

Our dads are kings of corny jokes. Even though we groan and roll our eyes, they know we love their jokes. Keep on being awesome dad!

Dads are Great Coaches

Whether they are coaching the whole team or just offering some one-on-one advice on how to play the game, dads are amazing at sharing their love of the game. Football, AFL and soccer are their usual fare, but we know lots of dance dads too. Dads love sport but mostly they love us, their kids. Thanks for all the hours you spend supporting us dad!

Dads are Fierce Protectors

Dads are protective and it’s always comforting to know that you have our back. Thank you for keeping us safe dad.

Dads Get Creative at Mealtime

When dad is in charge during dinnertime it can get creative. We know we will get fed—but some of our dads think outside of the box for meals. Buttered bread and pickles, cereal over ice cream, carrot sticks in peanut butter or sandwiches stuffed high with every ingredient in the house! Dad you are great at making dinner an adventure.

Dads are the Best Nap-Buddies

It’s hard to deny that seeing a dad napping with his mini-me is about the cutest thing in the world. Dad, you are the most comfortable sleep surface around. 

Dads Know About Tools

This is a real blessing! 

What Happens with Dad Stays with Dad

Dads don’t mind a little mischief and they know that sometimes it’s really okay just to share some wild times on the down-low together which helps strengthen important bonds. Dad, we love that we can have inside jokes with you and what goes on camp stays on camp!

Father’s Day is a special day when we celebrate the unique role of fatherhood and take time to appreciate our individual fathers, grandfathers and father figures.

Happy Father’s Day

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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