EV3 Robots immersion day - Glasshouse Christian College

EV3 Robots immersion day

  • July 28, 2021

EV3 Robots immersion day

On Thursday 22 July, selected students from the Years 5 and 6 Honours program had the opportunity to participate in an EV3 Robot immersion day run by the University of the Sunshine Coast at Beerwah State Primary. At this event, students were able to learn the functions of the EV3 robots and how to use these in a competition setting. First up, students had a tour of the robots where they learnt basic driving functions. This was followed by learning how to line follow using light sensors. The day concluded with an exciting Sumo Robot challenge where students programmed their robots to act like Sumo Wrestlers. Two robots were placed on a black and white circular board and were programmed to “seek and destroy” their opponent. After a session of practising, two teams from each school were selected to get up the front for a one-on-one challenge with the other participating schools. This was definitely a highlight of the day as Indie and Sam, who were our GCC representatives, conquered two rounds of Sumo Robots and made it to the final round. All of the students were very excited to watch the challenge and cheer their teammates on!

The students had a wonderful experience at the EV3 immersion day and particularly enjoyed the hands-on time coding and using the robots. It was a great day filled with learning, fun and the best thing of all….Robots!

Sarah Jennings

GCC families can see all the photos here on Pixevety.

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