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Champions of Chess

  • November 9, 2022

Champions of Chess

We have finished off another bumper year of chess challenges at GCC and we even managed to squeeze in one more inter-school competition this term! Two teams of primary students and one team of secondary students competed at the St Columban’s Invitational Chess Competition. This competition attracted many schools from the Moreton Bay area. All of the students enjoyed the challenge and came away with good wins on the day. Primary Team 1, consisting of Cooper Bevan, Bryce Stout, Lauren Stout and Connor Boss came away with third place! A special mention goes to Bryce Stout who won 6 of his 7 matches and came third place individually in the Primary Division. Well done to Luther Capps, Alex Stout, Matthew O’Shea, Keagan O’Flaherty, Anika Taylor, Serena Cheal and Evie Coulson for representing the College. A special thank you goes to Ben Jennings who organised the teams and accompanied the chess players on the day.

Our final Primary Chess Club competition of 2022 has now come to a close. This semester we welcomed students from Years 1 and 2 to join us. It was astounding to see over 60 primary students come through and give chess a go, with many new regulars coming every Wednesday. Students who demonstrated great improvement in their skills were celebrated in our Primary Assembly. The certificate winners were Anika Taylor, Serena Cheal, Joshua Polinski and Aasha Garden.

There were 2 divisions in our competition. The Novice division consisted of players new to chess this year and the Master division consisted of our regular committed players and competition team members.

The results were as follows.

Novice Division: Gold: Shayla Cooper  Silver: Lawson Bonato   Bronze: Harvey Graham, Summer Cooper

Master Division Gold: Bryce Stout    Silver: Cooper Bevan  Bronze: Evie Coulson, Lauren Stout

Remember “Every chess master was once a beginner.” – Irving Chernev. Why not make Chess the game you learn this coming holiday season? After all; “Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.” – Blaise Pascal.

Jeanette Roach, Primary Chess Club Coordinator

You can see all the photos HERE (without having to log into Pixevety)

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