Year 10's Japanese visit - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 10’s Japanese visit

  • November 9, 2022

Year 10’s Japanese visit

Can you imagine going to a brand-new school in a country halfway across the world?

Last term, Year 10 had the privilege of welcoming Toku from Japan to Glasshouse Christian College for 9 weeks.

It was great to see how welcoming and friendly the Year 10 students were with him – he had friends literally from his first day. By the end of his time with us, you would have thought he had been here for years!

It is so encouraging to know that the students of Year 10 are not only welcoming, but open to other cultures, and were interested to learn everything they could from Toku about Japan.

Jake O’Grady was a part of Toku’s homestay family – I asked him what the most interesting part of having someone from another country living with them was and he said –  “It was interesting to learn about Toku’s culture and how different it is from us Australians. It was a great experience to learn new things from him about his home life and how he had adapted so quickly to the Australian lifestyle. I enjoyed his stay very much and wish he was here longer because I believe I have made a lifelong friend and hope to see him again in the future. ”

On his final day with us at Glasshouse, we threw Toku and the whole grade an ‘Australian’ goodbye party. (With Domino’s pizza, of course!)

Please continue to keep our Year 10’s in your thoughts and prayers, as they are now moving on to the exciting world of Year 11! With leadership opportunities and assessments that now count for something, I am sure 2023 will be as exciting and enjoyable as Year 10 was this year.

Thank you for all your support!

James Follett, Year 10 Level Coordinator

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