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Beyond the ATAR: Diverse Pathways to Success at Glasshouse Christian College

  • October 26, 2023

Beyond the ATAR: Diverse Pathways to Success at Glasshouse Christian College

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the landscape of career pathways is vast and dynamic, offering numerous opportunities that extend beyond the traditional university route. At Glasshouse Christian College, we are committed to preparing our students for success by embracing this diversity and providing a range of options that can shape their futures. In this newsletter, we explore the value of qualifications, such as Certificates II, III, IV, and Diplomas, and introduce you to our exciting Early Offer Guarantee for university-bound students.

The Changing Face of Career Pathways

The traditional notion of success often revolved around obtaining a university degree. While university education remains invaluable for many professions, it’s essential to recognise that today’s workforce demands a broader perspective. The world is hungry for skilled individuals who are ready to tackle real-world challenges with practical knowledge and experience.

The Power of Qualifications

Qualifications like Certificates and Diplomas are powerful tools that bridge the gap between school and the workforce. They provide specialized training, equipping students with hands-on skills and knowledge directly applicable to their chosen fields. These qualifications can open doors to a wide range of careers, from trades and technology to healthcare and hospitality.

What sets these qualifications apart is their flexibility. Students can pursue them alongside their ATAR studies, creating a more well-rounded educational experience. The acquisition of these qualifications demonstrates a proactive approach to personal and professional development, making graduates more attractive to employers.

Exploring Certificate Courses at GCC

Our commitment to practical education extends further than our Applied subject offerings, with a wide range of Certificate courses in fields such as Hospitality, Health Services, and Animal Studies, to name a few. These courses provide students with practical skills and industry-specific knowledge, opening doors to exciting career possibilities.

Moreover, our Agricultural Practices program is not just about learning; it’s about doing. In addition to gaining knowledge, our students complete a Rural Operations qualification in Year 11 and 12 (through the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus). This unique opportunity ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for a range of agricultural careers and further studies.

Dive Deeper: Diplomas at GCC

In addition to Certificates, Glasshouse Christian College offers two enriching Diploma programs that empower our students to excel in the field of Business. Successful completion of either of these Diplomas results in a student being awarded an equivalent ATAR score in the 80’s, entrance into University, and course credits towards the first year of a University degree (at a number of Universities). Completing a Diploma in Year 11 and 12 is literally the best of both worlds; a guaranteed pathway to University and qualification that makes a young person more employable! Here’s a little be more info on each of the Diplomas we offer at the College:

Diploma of Business: A Diploma of Business, delivered by Axial Education, equips students with essential business acumen and provides the opportunity to pursue a specific study focus, such as social media marketing, project management, women in leadership, and more.

Diploma of Entrepreneurship & Innovation: For those students with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, this diploma, delivered by Knoei Education, offers a specialized pathway. It encourages students to think creatively, identify opportunities, and bring their ideas to life (and literally to market). It’s an exciting journey into the world of innovation and startups, with direct connections to industry partners.

School Based Apprenticeships at GCC: Hands on Experience

We are proud to offer school-based apprenticeships that provide our students with hands-on experience in various trades. These apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts while completing a high school education. Apprenticeships that we support each year are in trades such as Electrical, Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Plumbing, Engineering, and more.

Thinking about University but not interested in Certificates or Diplomas? Consider the Head Start Program and our Early Offer Guarantee

If university is the path that a student really wants to pursue, then obviously trying to do their best in their ATAR subjects is important. But entrance to university doesn’t have to depend on a student’s ATAR score. At GCC, we provide students the opportunity to apply to us for an Early Offer Guarantee, which includes a letter of support from the College for students seeking acceptance into a university program. This partnership with universities ensures that students are granted guaranteed entrance, regardless of their ATAR score. This year we’ve had 17 students already receive their university letter of offer (prior to the end of the school year and before final Year 12 results and ATARs have been published). Students who are university-bound might also want to consider enrolling in a Headstart course, which is available to senior students who would like to complete a university subject while still in high school. There are a range of courses available from Criminology and Psychology, to Game Programming and Marketing Essentials.

Nurturing Futures Beyond the Classroom

As parents and families already committed to our college, you are well aware of the nurturing and empowering environment we provide. Our approach to education is built on values that prioritise holistic growth. We encourage creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of passion, knowing that success takes many forms. The world of career pathways is vast, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. At Glasshouse Christian College, we encourage our students to explore their interests, gain qualifications that set them apart, and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them, so they are best equipped for whatever career pathway they find themselves on.

If you or your child are interested in learning more about any of the opportunities mentioned in this article (Certificate Courses, Diplomas, Apprenticeships, Head Start Courses, and/or the Early Offer Guarantee), please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Mrs Carol McKee is our amazing Career/Future Pathways Coordinator and will be more than able to answer any questions you might have and assist you in pursuing any of these opportunities.

Together, we can shape a pretty amazing future for our young people to become confident, qualified, and contributing citizens within our community, and that is an exciting future to think about.

Rob Steffler, Dean of Studies

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