The 2023 Senior Ministry Trip - Glasshouse Christian College

The 2023 Senior Ministry Trip

  • October 26, 2023

The 2023 Senior Ministry Trip

The 2023 Senior Ministry Trip was an absolute success from start to finish. After the 2020 Ministry Trip was cancelled, last year we went to Agnes Waters, because of the need to stay within the state. This year, it felt like a return to business as usual. We crossed financial, cultural, spiritual, and geographical barriers to bring the “Good News”.

The destination was not Fiji, but Darwin which is nothing like the Sunshine Coast. We went to Darwin at the tail end of the dry season so it looked like the Outback Australia only promised on billboards or magazines.

We were privileged to partner with Youth With A Mission in Darwin which hosted our group. They cooked for us, provided accommodation, drove us around and introduced us to the various groups we would serve.

We partnered with various churches throughout the greater Darwin area. Some churches were within indigenous communities where we shared testimonies, sang songs, danced, administered first aid, and prayed over individuals. We also served at the church in Palmerston where they feed the less fortunate or homeless every Sunday. Students started up conversations with people they had never met before, discussed Jesus at length, prayed over them, and led communion.

The students also got to serve locals coffee, sort clothes in the op shop and clean up a community garden at Uniting Church in Rapid Creek. They washed windows, served food, cleaned pantries, and cleared gutters at a Christian Fellowship Church in Howard Springs. Our students played basketball, and soccer, blew bubbles, skipped rope, and taught bible stories to children in Indigenous settlements. They took over Zion Church’s youth group by delivering powerful testimonies, encouraging other kids in faith, and leading exhilarating games.  Because they love school so much they even invaded Sattler Christian College and led a Bible study, their Chapel services, and played ball.

Sure, they got to do a few fun things like swim at Berry Springs National Park and explore the giant termite mounds at Litchfield National Park. The students lost themselves for hours in the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory learning about the devastation caused by Cyclone Tracy, seeing the transcendent modern Aboriginal and Torres Strait art, and exploring the all confiscated fishing vessels of the last century by the border control.

We ate dinner while watching the sunset at the Mindil markets. They fed the fish and fended off the seagulls as we ate crocodile schnitzels at the Stokes Hill Wharf. We searched for wild frilled neck lizards and crocodiles to no avail. We raced down winding waterslides and waded in pools to escape the Darwin heat. Our crew flew across the country. They sang worship songs all the way to curfew. One student even collected teabag tags.

All in all, eight GCC students went along for the journey. It changed us all. One student would say it changed her eternity. Thank you to everyone who supported us prayerfully or financially. Without your help, the Mission Trip could not take place. If you’ve ever considered sending your student on the Mission Trip, it happens annually and is available to all kids in Senior School (10-12). Start saving now and keep an eye out for the announcement about our trip in 2024.

Sydney Moore, Lead Pastor

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