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Austrian Strings in Beerwah

  • November 30, 2017

Austrian Strings in Beerwah

Last week I predicted that the Austrian Smart Strings concert would be fabulous and I was right! The students dressed to impress and followed up with excellent violin skills that would be the envy of much older students. Part of the concert was a surprise song by Year 2 with backing by the Year 3 violinists. Students had been practicing separately which meant that the concert was the first time the students performed the item together and they did a splendid job of it.

This year more parents joined in the fun of dressing up and having a good time over strudel breakfast. What a great use for all those bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding/dinner suits! I can see this trend growing for the following years.

Primary Christmas concerts

With ominous weather predictions for our two Primary concerts, we flirted with the idea of Plan B. However, the more we looked into it the more depressing the details became. We would have had to limit the audience and disappoint hundreds of people. So we decided to knuckle down to some serious prayer and in the midst of predicted showers, we had clear windows of beautiful weather when we needed them the most! We are very thankful to the Lord for the beautiful weather.

As far as Carols by Candlelight go, the performances were second to none. The songs were fun and upbeat and the students did a great job singing and dancing. It was also a terrific addition to have the live staff band this year. It added to the atmosphere and provided joyful transition times while the stage was being organised for the next item.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of hard work put in to make these concerts happen and I would like to thank the staff for their many hours of cheerful labour. Thanks also to all the parents and caregivers who took part, brought their child dressed up ready to perform and really added to the festive atmosphere.

Video from Prep to Year 2 Christmas concert

Primary graduation ceremonies

Last Wednesday we celebrated the Year 2 graduation and this was the first time we have marked this significant milestone. The move from Lower to Upper Primary comes with many changes such as different assemblies, areas to play and increased responsibility.
To mark the occasion, each student was given a picture Bible which they seemed very excited about and we hope they enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed presenting them with these gifts.

The Year 6 graduation has been a very special event for many years and this one was just as special. Arno Mens and Lize Kasselman have done a wonderful job as Primary Captains and this was their final task in their role. We enjoyed items from some Year 6 girls, Lila Demeritus and Jasper Tait before the presentations began.
When it came time for the Year 6 students to give their parents a special thank you letter there weren’t many dry eyes left in the place.

Congratulations to Jonas Stevenson for receiving the Dux award, Arno Mens for the Citizenship award and Jasper Tait for the Principal’s award.

The graduation service was also the time when the 2018 Primary Captains were announced and I look forward to seeing the terrific job Dominique Doolan and Matthew Fielding do next year.

Staff changes in 2017

We have very low staff turnover for a College our size but as we grow larger, the percentage may stay the same but the numbers increase.

This year we are saying farewell to a few staff and very soon will be welcoming new staff into 2018.

From Primary we farewell Karen Blackburn and Hannah Joy. From Secondary we farewell Chris Warren, Matt Ware and Valerie Beattie. From Learning Support we farewell Tascia Mare and Alice Dacombe and from our Property team, we say goodbye to Darren Firth.

We will also be saying a temporary goodbye to Kate Pollard who will be living overseas for one year before returning to us.

Except for Darren’s job and one in Learning Support, we have secured replacements for all these positions and I look forward to introducing you to our new staff in 2018.

Finally – Happy Christmas

It’s been a wonderful year and I am very thankful for and proud of what we have accomplished as a College over the last 11 months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being on this journey with us, entrusting your children to us and making GCC the G.R.E.A.T. community it is.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to pray that everything we do glorifies His name.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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