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Middle School News – worth celebrating

  • November 30, 2017

Middle School News – worth celebrating

I recently came across a quote on what it means to celebrate. It stated that we often perceive celebration as a time to be entertained or amused; however, in reality, it is ‘an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation’ of others. There are so many things to celebrate at this time of year – as long as the busyness doesn’t stop us from properly ‘celebrating’ – appreciating and revering.

I would firstly like to celebrate the following students who have been successful in receiving a Middle School leadership role in 2018.

Middle School Captains – Jared Post and Natalie Beakey
Faith and Community leaders – Maddy Russell, Kiona Scott, Tate Doneathy and Sam Pollock
House Captains – Zion – Jacob Broderick and Ellie Thomson. Sinai – Declan Martin and Jorden Drews. Ararat – Zara Boxsell and Georgia Breen
Arts Leaders – Isabel Holley and Alex Cameron
Academic Leaders – Azure Stevenson and Jacob Barbeler

Alternative Activities Week
Also, congratulations to the teachers and other staff who provided an amazing array of learning and service opportunities for our Middle School students from Robot Soccer; making boxes for native animals; drama, dance and illustration workshops, community gift giving, retirement village and homeless people visit … just to name a few. Here are a few pictures of this week.

However, all year they work tirelessly with our students and I would like to honour and acknowledge them. Some of these wonderful staff are leaving us and so we say a fond farewell to Mrs Alice Dacombe, one of our TAs. Mrs Beattie – only for a time, as she works as a mum and Mr Ware who will take on a position as a teacher in another school so he can live closer to his family.


Your child’s efforts this year are worth celebrating whether it be an improved academic grade or more importantly high grades for Behaviour and Effort. Thanks to our teachers who have finalised results after marking the last round of assessments and completed report information. These will be made available through the parent portal in the next week with an email notification sent out once these have been released.

Our students and families
Most importantly, we celebrate our students and their families. We hope and pray you will have a blessed time as you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends and as your children enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Jacqualina Vreeling
Head of Middle School

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