A snapshot of Year 8 - Glasshouse Christian College

A snapshot of Year 8

  • May 12, 2022

A snapshot of Year 8

We certainly have had some interesting weather this year! The rain just seems to keep coming back!

So far in English and Humanities this year, we have looked at a variety of topics. We read and wrote a monologue about Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.  We also had a Living History Incursion.  The people talked about the Middle Ages and we could try on clothes, look at swords and shields and helmets.  We also used bows and arrows.  

In Geography we are currently looking at beach erosion and the effects it has on people and the land. We are all very excited about next week’s excursion. We will be going to three different beaches and studying the different land changes and erosion happening.

In Foundations this term, we have been watching a TV series called ‘The Chosen’. It gives us an insight into what it would be like to live in the time of Jesus (it is also a great show!) It teaches us about God as well as being fun and entertaining to watch. 

We have had lots of fun in chapel and assembly. We have been learning about different stories in the bible, while in assembly, lots of people recently achieved diligence and/or academic award. 

We have borrowed a new book for Pastoral Care, called ‘The 6 most important decisions you will Ever Make’. It talks about friendships, relationships, school and other decisions we need to make.  Lots of people seem to be enjoying this book.  

We are so excited for camp next term and all the other things we’ll get to experience throughout the rest of the year!

By Lotty and Olivia, Year 8 Students

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