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Refracting light in Year 5

  • November 17, 2020

Refracting light in Year 5

On Friday 13 November, a group of Year 5 students, who were not at Interschool Sport, did some Science experiments on the refraction of light. In experiments another week, we learned that light travels in straight lines. On Friday, we were experimenting with refraction. Refraction happens when light is transmitted through a substance, the rays of light appear to bend – even though light really travels in straight lines. All of the Year 5 students were excited when we were doing the experiments.

With one activity we used water and an arrow on a piece of paper. We put water in the cup and put the arrow in front of it. Then the arrow seemed to face the other way. That is what we call refraction. 

Bailey Whitmey and Josh Neideck, Year 5 students

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