Year 8 Camp 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 8 Camp 2017

  • February 14, 2017

Year 8 Camp 2017


Well, the year has certainly started with a ‘bang’. In Year 8, students have been studying a program called S.T.E.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These have incorporated the subjects previously referred to as Science, Business/ ICT, Mathematics, Foundations and Pastoral Care. The main change for teachers and students is that all of us have been working as a whole cohort at the same time in a newly redeveloped flexible learning space in L8.

Year 8 Camp: Interdependence & Steps

When: Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd February 2017

Where: 759 McKinnon Drive, Cooroibah (Teen Mission Camp)

Activities: Rogaining, Milk Crate Climb, Raft Building, Low Ropes, Archery, Mission Possible

Students worked to develop a sense of place through critical thinking and further developing personal and social competence. In creating self-awareness, students were allowed to develop a better sense of place and form a foundation from which to “Step”. Some of these were to “Step Up” and take on the challenge, “Step down” and allow others to take the lead, “Step out” of the challenge and acknowledge the limit of their comfort zone. All decisions required support, which was provided with professional facilitation by staff both from GCC and Adventure Alternatives.

One outdoor adventure, had students camp out for a night.  I am happy to report that all students stayed out overnight and the smiles on their faces (though very tired) was worth it. As for a lot of students this had been their first camp-out ever.

The camp instructors spoke highly of the students and were impressed with the level of encouragement and support students were giving each other.

There were many tired students (and teachers) on Friday afternoon but everyone was commenting on a great time had by all.

I would like to personally thank all the staff who assisted in make this camp a success.

Matt Ware, Year 8 Level Coordinator

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