Primary Swimming Carnival 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Swimming Carnival 2017

  • February 14, 2017

Primary Swimming Carnival 2017

Fantastic Day at the Pool

What a talented bunch of swimmers we have in the Primary School at GCC. Eight records were broken some of which have stood for many years and were swum by very notable swimmers. Along with the records lots of fantastic swims were seen by students of all ages and abilities.

The day began with thunderous war cries with the judges having difficulty choosing a winner. Students showed great team spirit bursting into war cries and team chants throughout the day, erging their teammates on to great performances. Every student gained valuable house points for each event swum with relays and Fastest races gaining double points.

Olivia McKenzie was the highest points scorer of the day winning every race in her 11 year girls age group. She had some close races against Nicole Morris who placed second in every race behind Olivia.

Jaymes Roser and Joshua Moore once again battled it out in the 11 year boys age group. Josh won the first race of the day, the 100m freestyle but Jaymes gained the victory in every other race with some of them being very close finishes with only tenths of seconds separating them. Unfortunately Jaymes and Olivia will not be competing at the Glasshouse District Champs due to them competing in the QLD State Nippers Championships, but we hope they shine at this competition too.

Bronte Brannigan and Chloe Turnbull also hard some very close races with each girls winning and placing second in different strokes. After all events Bronte had gained more points and was 10 yr girls Age Champion ahead of Chloe by just 4 points!

In the 12 year old boys competition Alex Chidgey and Carl Burgess both swam well but not against each other. The 12 year old times for Yr 6 and Yr 7 students were compared and there was only 2 point separating Alex and Carl with Carl winning the Age Champion title. The 12 yr girls title was won by Amy Trevan who won all but her breaststroke race. Ella Childs won the breaststroke and pushed Amy all the way in some very close races.

The Flying Squad relays stirred up fantastic cheering from the crowd as the House teams tried to win valuable last minute points. Double points were given for these races.

The overall House points winner for the Primary Carnival was Ararat with Sinai in Second and Zion finishing third. Just over 50 points separated all three houses so the points were very close.

Students participated well throughout the day and enjoyed the novelty events which cooled everyone down. We would like to thank all the parents who helped out on the day and also parents and family members who came and supported the children during the competition.

Swimming Age Champion Primary

Age 1st 2nd 3rd
8 yr Girls Krystal Scheiwe Mia Menkins
8 yr Boys Luca Cobb Connor Caldwell Ashton Van Straten
9 yrs Girls Reghan Boxsell Charlotte Robertson Saskia Hallink
9 yrs Boys Torin Dunford Owen Heathwood Beau Quinlan
10 yrs Girls Bronte Brannigan Chloe Turnbull Danielle Urbahn
10 yrs Boys Archer Palmer Thomas Quinn

Jarod Keeble

Joshua Ramke
11 yrs Girls Olivia McKenzie Nicole Morris James Wooding
11 yrs Boys Jaymes Roser Joshua Moore James Wooding
12 yrs Girls Amy Trevan Ella Childs Kate Briggs
12 yrs Boys Alexander Chidgey Carl Burgess Bryce Lowry

Scott Roy

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