Year 4-6 Author Visit with R A Spratt - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 4-6 Author Visit with R A Spratt

  • August 24, 2023

Year 4-6 Author Visit with R A Spratt

We were privileged to have R A Spratt, author of Nanny Piggins, The Peski Kids, Friday Barnes, and Shockingly Good Stories come to our school on Wednesday 16 August to speak with students in Years 4-6. During her presentation she explained the background of Shockingly Good Stories; while on holiday with her children they requested a bedtime story, R A Spratt made up the stories on the spot and started to write them down on her laptop. This continued for the remainder of their holidays and Shockingly Good Stories was born. She read us an extract from the book that kept the entire audience engaged – it was shockingly good!

When R.A Spratt spoke, it sounded just like her character Nanny Piggins. She was so passionate about her characters and storytelling. She gave us a sneak peek of her new book that is coming out next week, called Bedtime Stories, based on the weekly podcast of funny stories she makes for kids.

Mrs. McKellar invited a select few to have lunch with the esteemed R.A Spratt. I was fortunate to be one of those selected. Once there, R A Spratt gave us an insight into the next amazing adventures in the Friday Barnes series. She also told us where her inspiration came from with the Nanny Piggins series, and a sneak peek into the last book in this series; she stunned us all by explaining that it will be a prequel exploring the origins of Nanny Piggins. It was an awe-inspiring event; which I am so grateful to have been a part of.

By Oscar Landrie 6W

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