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Year 3’s Excursion to Australia Zoo

  • November 9, 2023

Year 3’s Excursion to Australia Zoo

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to visit Australia Zoo this week as part of our English curriculum focusing on information reports. Our day began with a delightful morning tea, after which we embarked on a fascinating journey through the African section of the zoo. Here, we closely observed various African animals, learning about their habitats, distinctive physical features, and much more.

Throughout the day, we explored the zoo, encountering animals of diverse shapes and sizes. Among our favourites were the meerkats, lemurs, and tigers. We were even able to interact with some adorable kangaroos and observed the koala enclosure with great fascination. The day reached its climax with a mesmerising show at the Crocoseum, where we marvelled at the lightning-fast birds and met Murray, the enormous crocodile.

Despite the looming threat of rain, we were fortunate to enjoy the entire day with dry weather. By the time we boarded the bus at the end of the day, both students, teachers, and parent helpers were exhausted, but filled with excitement from the memorable experiences. It was truly a day enjoyed by everyone!

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Maryke van Eck, Year 3 Teacher

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