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Why have Open Day when we are close to capacity?

  • May 16, 2019

Why have Open Day when we are close to capacity?

I’ve heard this question a few times over the last couple of years so thought it may be of interest to many of you. In the past, our Open Day was mainly about attracting new families and we had many more vacancies than we do today. So why are we having an Open Day when we are almost full? We have six very good reasons.

1. Need to fill Prep every year.

Open Day is the perfect opportunity for people with young children to explore the campus and meet our families and students. We still need to reach approximately 80 new families for our Prep intake in the following and future years. Our current families are our best form of advertising and Open Day creates the environment for new families to meet and hear from our current parents.

2. Celebration of GCC students

Open Day is a celebration of our students’ talents, skills and character. It’s more than an Arts Night or a Sports Day because all of our students’ abilities are on show. Leadership skills, social skills and servant hearts are combined with Dance, Drama, Music, Hospitality, Sport, Science, Art, English, Humanities and fantastic classroom work.

3. Learn more about what is ahead

Open Day is the perfect opportunity for current primary parents and students to learn more about Middle and Senior School. Many of you haven’t visited T Block (Engineering) or seen the stunning opportunities available in secondary. Teachers will have interactive displays showing off their subjects and it is a good way for primary students to get to know secondary teachers.

4. Special opportunity for parents and friends.

Open Day is not a parent-teacher interview event but it is a good way for Primary families to view their child’s classwork and find out what they have been learning. It is also an ideal time to meet other teachers who may be teaching your children in the following years.

5. See the new buildings and facilities.

Open Day provides opportunities for parents and families to discover GCC’s new facilities. This year families will be about to tour the new Music rooms, try out the gym, visit the Sports Centre and take a walk on our new oval.


6. Fun family day out.

Open Day is fun for the whole family. Bring your friends and family to do a food truck crawl in the UA, play with the baby animals outside Prep Maroon or take the train around our ever-expanding campus. Every primary classroom and secondary subject area will have fascinating information and interactive learning activities. Children love showing off their classrooms and school work so invite the extended family for a great day out.

See you tomorrow!

Mike Curtis, Principal

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