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‘Read at Home’ – calling all parents

  • May 16, 2019

‘Read at Home’ – calling all parents

We are calling all parents to join us as we launch a major focus on reading and specifically home reading this term with our ‘READ AT HOME’ campaign.

Literacy and specifically the ability to read well with a good level of comprehension is the most important learning goal in our Primary school.

Our home reading program is designed to help our students build capacity and confidence as a reader, increase reading mileage and expose students to a range of genre. Reading at home with a parent helps our students build confidence in reading aloud with accuracy, fluency and expression.

For home reading, students in Prep – Year 2 take home readers each week that are levelled and aimed at the students independent reading level. An independent reading level is the level at which a child can read a text on his/her own with ease.

For home reading in Year 3 – 6, students initially complete an online Lexile test which determines their Lexile reading level. The score they achieve indicates the level of reading which when matched to a book of the same or similar level, the students will competently be able to read and comprehend the text. Students are guided towards texts that will challenge but not frustrate them. The Lexile test is repeated each term which enables both teachers and students to track reading progress.

To help all of our children improve in reading I would like to ask all mums and dads, grandparents and carers to join the Primary teaching team in promoting and supporting home reading. Reading to your child, with your child or listening to them read for 20 minutes a day is going to make a huge difference to their reading.

We all know that the fastest way to become a good reader is to read, so we thank you for partnering with us and for supporting your child with home reading.

Read at Home? Why?

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Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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