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Weird and whacky National Days in May

  • May 19, 2022

Weird and whacky National Days in May

Have you noticed that every year we seem to have another National Day of ‘something’ announced? There is even a National Day Calendar that has been tracking national days since 2013. The month of May has 187 National Days and that doesn’t count our Mother’s Day which falls on different dates in different countries or GCC’s Open Day on Saturday 21 May, which isn’t quite a worldwide event yet. Some of these National Days are quite significant but many just seem weird or whacky. 

How do you respond when a notification pops up on your social media announcing that it is National Nail Polish Day or National Upsy Daisy Day? Do you inwardly groan or does it make you curious about why the day is celebrated and what it is about? 

Of the weird and whacky national days in May, I fully endorse National Clean up Your Room Day on 9 May and would have liked to participate in National Chocolate Custard Day on 3 May but what do events like National Paperclip Day on 29 May or National Hole in My Bucket Day on 30 May benefit us? How do these national days contribute to our children’s education or enrich our lives?

Here are my four reasons to celebrate even weird and whacky National Days in May.

1. National Days can be a lot of fun

It’s been a hard year for all of us. We are still struggling to make holiday plans that won’t get cancelled and it feels like forever since we had our last sunny weekend to enjoy the beach or a picnic. Just for fun, imagine Dancing Like a Chicken on 14 May, making hamburgers for National Beef Burger Day on 28 May or reverse role-play on 15 May which is National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day. What about gathering all the odd socks in the house and wish them a formal farewell as they go into the trash for National Lost Sock Memorial Day on 9 May? What about holding an old-fashioned competition on National Paper Aeroplane Day on 26 May to see which one flies the furthest? If your imagination for fun family time needs some inspiration then you need to go no further than the weird and whacky national days in May.

2. National Days promote creativity

Paperclip Day sculptures

How else are you going to celebrate “National Paperclip Day”, “National Cellophane Tape Day on 27 May or National Nylon Stocking Day on 15 May without being creative? This is one way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon when all the jigsaw puzzles have been solved and the child-safe movies have been watched. Learn how to sew on 3 May for National Textiles Day or just be creative however you like on 30 May for National Creative Day.

3. National Days provide teachable moments

Believe it or not, “National Hole in My Bucket Day” on 30 May provides a very teachable moment. Henry is full of problems, Liza has solutions to all the problems but Henry even finds problems in the solutions. This song originated in Germany more than 300 years ago but is very relevant when it comes to illustrating a growth mindset in today’s age. 

Teachable moments abound in museums so make the most of National Museum Day on 18 May. You could also learn about Mahlon Loomis’s contribution to communication on Loomis Day on 30 May or explore space on National Astronaut Day on 5 May.

4. National Days raise awareness

National Days in May raise awareness for people in nursing (12 May) and firefighting (4 May), those working in the Red Cross (8 May), and diseases such as ovarian cancer (8 May), thyroid disease (25 May) or lupus (10 May). It can feel a bit heavy to focus on disease and challenging jobs but it is important to recognise people doing good work in difficult areas. Pick a cause close to your heart and involve the whole family in helping raise awareness for that cause. A popular event in Australia is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea run by the Cancer Council on 19 May. People join together to host or attend morning tea raising awareness and funds for people impacted by cancer. 

The most important day in May

best Sunshine coast School open days

Of course, many of you have already figured out that this blog is really just a shameless segue into talking about one of the most important days of the year and that is our very own GCC Open Day on Saturday 21 May between 10am and 2pm. 

The weather has looked far from promising all week but plans are in place so nothing less than a cyclone will spoil what we have organised for the day. Lots of new families have registered to visit us on Open Day but I really hope you make the most of the event also. 

If you have primary students, this is the perfect time to go on a tour of our secondary specialist classrooms and find out more about the subjects they will be studying. If you have secondary students then ask them to show you around and explain all the different tools, machinery and laboratory equipment they use. Teenagers may act indifferent but they will really appreciate you taking an interest in their learning. 

Sunshine Coast school Open Days
Book a Farm Tour

We are also running two tours to our Agricultural Science farm and this is a rare opportunity to see it in action. Bookings are essential. There are lots of fun activities for all ages and we are even planning on having a rock climbing wall for the older students this year. 

Visit your child’s classroom, say hello to their teacher and see the projects they have been working on. Have your photo taken at the Student Voice stand with our mascot Eddie the Eagle and enjoy lunch with your friends. Even picky eaters will find something they love among the many food trucks, P and F barbeque and other refreshment stands. 

Make sure you tour the completed Glasshouse Performing Arts Centre (GPAC). You will be amazed at how good it looks and the orchestra pit is open ready for our College musical on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June.

I hope to see you all at Open Day!

Mike Curtis, Principal

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