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The most important lesson learnt so far in Year 10, 2022

  • June 15, 2022

The most important lesson learnt so far in Year 10, 2022

For Glasshouse Christian College students, Year 10 is a rather big deal. 

They go from being at the top of the pile in Middle School to being on the lowest rung of the Senior School hierarchy. Their priorities change from having to plan dinner dances and walk some lovely mountain hikes, to having to prepare for their futures, university visits and talk of ATARs, QCEs and the ‘real world.’

With that in mind, I sat down with four energetic and engaged Year 10 students, now almost two terms into the year to see what they believe is the most important lesson (or lessons) they have learned so far in 2022.

Indi Loveday

“I think that the best lesson I have learnt is that it is best to pick subjects you want to do and think you will enjoy. Do not choose elective subjects simply because of who your friends are or who the teacher is. It can be a difficult year, socially, so it is important to remain true to yourself and what you believe in. 

“Trust your instincts, set yourself goals, and believe in yourself.”

Joanna Zelazko

“I believe the biggest lesson I have learned from Year 10 is that you, yourself, have the greatest control over your destiny. It is your responsibility on what pathway you take during your schooling journey, so make the most of it. 

“This doesn’t mean you must base everything around trying your hardest at school, but it is important to remember that the decisions you make determine the outcome of your future, so be sure to make the right ones.”

P.S Do not come to school with false eyelashes, or Mr James Follett will personally embarrass you in front of your entire grade. (Mr Follett’s note: the uniform policy is rather clear, Joanna). 

Ryan Hall

“The most important thing I have learnt this year would be lifesaving in sport. So far this year, for Sport and Rec, we have done lifesaving and are trying to get our bronze medallion. During this course, we have learnt different call sign hand signals and what to do if we see a patient conscious or unconscious. This will help in the future in case I come across any accident or anyone in harm. During this course, we also have to practice our fitness and swimming skills which will help us grow and be better at saving a life.”

Jayden Neideck

“Year 10 has been the best year in high school so far for me, but there is still so much to learn over the next two years. This year has taught everyone so much about solid friendships, a good work ethic (we’re all still working on that one) and our future careers and lives. Although a few of us didn’t take the uni trip as seriously as we could have, I know when we look back in Year 12 (because we have no idea what to do with our lives at that point) those long lectures about what seemed to be valueless information will actually come in super handy.”

Nikita Hazzard

“I believe that the most important lesson from Year 10 is to make the most of each opportunity. Opportunities present themselves regularly throughout our schooling life. How you choose to respond to these opportunities can make all the difference in the world. 

“Making the most of each opportunity that is presented to you will pay off in the future; putting in the hard work now for each opportunity will result in great success. 

“We are all unique and have qualities that make us all special, each one of us is different in our ways and this is what makes us… Us.” 

P.S. Make sure you don’t leave rotten bananas and food in or near your locker. The moral of my story is to clean up your mess, or you may find some ‘pests’ infested in your locker. 

James Follet, Year 10 Level Coordinator

“Please continue to pray and support our amazing Year 10 cohort for the rest of the year – I can only imagine what sort of incredible, talented and extraordinary adults these young achievers will turn out to be.”

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