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Sound advice for parents of teens

  • October 12, 2017

Sound advice for parents of teens

Below is some sound advice I recently came across that I would like to endorse related to dealing with problems at school:

Getting along with people can be tough—whether you’re six or sixty. And sometimes we all need a little help knowing what to do.

When kids have a problem with friends at school, we want them to work it out on their own. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes we have to get involved. Here are a few guidelines to remember when that happens.

Begin by going directly to the teacher. Find out if they’re aware of the situation, and ask if they’d be willing to sit down and discuss it with all the parties involved.

Then remember to stay focused on the problem at hand. Going through a laundry list of issues only causes more confusion.

Above all, be fair and open-minded. It’s possible that your child may be at fault, so don’t assume that they’re innocent. When you’ve worked it out, encourage the kids to put it behind them and move forward. (

Sometime we address issues that have been occurring for weeks, months, even years. I understand that as parents you want to teach your child how to address issues themselves and not to bother others unnecessarily. However, even in a workplace, it can at times be important to bring an issue into light, address it quickly and then allow life to get back to normal. Please come and see us if the issue isn’t going away or has caused you to be concerned.

Extracurricular News

Cardboard Fort Warfare was this year’s Middle School leaders event. It was a great time of good clean fun. The leaders spent weeks collecting cardboard and working out the rules, logistics and how to set-up and pack-up. A special thanks to our maintenance team for taking quite a few loads of cardboard to the recycle centre the following week!

Walk to Water – donation of $1148.00 – Well done Year 8!

Each year our Year 8s take on a fundraiser to raise money that will help provide better access to clean water in remote villages in Africa. Personally I couldn’t imagine carrying jerrycans of water over 2kms to my home! To help build a small appreciation of this, the students had to work through an obstacle course on the oval that involves bringing water through various challenges. (They might have had a bit of fun with this as well). The Year 8s really did an amazing job of raising these funds for this worthy project.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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