Significant 72 - Year 4 - Glasshouse Christian College

Significant 72 – Year 4

  • February 1, 2024

Significant 72 – Year 4

During Significant 72 the emphasis on getting to know one another and building relationships was woven into the fabric of daily activities. Teachers and students alike actively participated in team-building exercises, fostering a sense of community and belonging among the Year 4 cohort.

Across the Year 4 classes, they explored board games, enjoyed art sessions, and focused on building relationships through team-building activities.

They had a blast crafting and testing paper planes which cumulated in a paper plane competition between the 3 classes with Team 4G emerging in first place, followed closely in distance by 4G and 4W.

 The Year 4 teachers look forward to another year of exciting challenges and learning opportunities. Together, let’s continue nurturing the potential within each child for an exceptional academic journey.

Desley Maciejewski, Year 4W Teacher and Team Leader

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