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Partners in Learning

  • February 1, 2024

Partners in Learning

Welcome back to a new school year at Glasshouse Christian College! We are thrilled to have our primary students back on campus, ready to embark on another exciting chapter of learning and growth.

At Glasshouse Christian College, we believe that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. It is a shared responsibility that involves educators, parents, and the wider community. Our commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment goes hand in hand with the active involvement of families in the educational process. 

To foster positive connections between school and home, here are some useful tips to integrate the classroom into your home life:

Questions to Spark Meaningful Conversations

Engaging in open conversations with your child is a key element in understanding their experiences at school. Instead of asking questions like, “How was your day?” consider asking more specific and open-ended questions, such as:

  • “What was the most interesting thing you learned today?”
  • “Who did you play with during break time?”
  • “Tell me about something that made you laugh today.”
  • “Tell me about someone new you met at school.”
  • “Is there anything you found challenging that we can work on together?”
  • “Can you share a story about your school day?”

These questions encourage your child to share more about their day and help you stay connected with their school life.

Exciting Reading Activities for Home

Fostering a love for reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Encourage your child to explore the magical world of literature by incorporating these fun reading activities:

  • Family Reading Time: Set aside dedicated time each day for the whole family to read together. This not only promotes a love for reading but also provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding.
  • Book Swap: Organise a book swap with friends or classmates. This allows children to discover new books and share their favourites with others.
  • Create a Reading Nook: Design a cosy reading corner at home where your child can escape into the pages of a good book. Add some cushions, blankets, and a variety of books to create an inviting space.

Engaging Maths Activities for Home

Make maths enjoyable and interactive with these creative activities:

  • Maths Games Night: Turn learning into a game by playing board games that involve counting, strategising, and problem-solving. Games like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, or Uno are great choices.
  • Cooking with Numbers: Involve your child in the kitchen and turn cooking into a maths lesson. Have them measure ingredients, adjust recipes, and explore fractions while having a delicious time together.
  • Outdoor Maths Exploration: Take learning outside by incorporating maths into nature. Count flowers, measure the height of trees, or create shapes using sticks. This hands-on approach makes maths a real-world adventure.

We hope these suggestions inspire a joyful and enriching start to the new school term. Thank you for being such an important part of our educational community. As always, our dedicated team at Glasshouse Christian College is here to support your child’s educational journey. Wishing all our students a fantastic year of growth, discovery, and success!

Sarah Jennings, Primary Curriculum Coordinator

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