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SHEP – Sunshine Coast

  • May 23, 2024

SHEP – Sunshine Coast

Recently, nine GCC students were selected to participate in SHEP – Sunshine Coast at Chancellor Park State School. What is SHEP? State Honours Ensemble Program, or SHEP, is an educational program run by Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University for music students that helps extend and encourage their pursuit of musical excellence. It brings together young people from all over the State, in regional centres and Brisbane to share their passion for making music. This is what some of the students had to say about SHEP

Isabella Brewster, vocals (Year 12) – SHEP has been an experience like no other. I walked in that first day for the vocal program unsure of what to think, and if we could actually achieve so much in such a short amount of time on a weekend. But I gained so much experience and knowledge over the weekend I almost feel like a different person, feeling stronger and more comfortable with my singing. Everyone was so nice and it’s so incredible what we were able to achieve over the weekend. 

Harriet Smyth, vocals (Year 7) – SHEP was great! I loved how focused and organised it was, as well as the new skills I learned during the program. The fact that everyone had experience was also great, as I have never been in a selected choir before. Overall, it was a great experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a talented group of individuals. and I am so glad that I attended. 

Penny Ritter, trumpet (Year 8) – The experience of SHEP was wonderful and I got to meet so many amazing people who love music. There was amazing music we got to play as a group that I have never played before and the fact that we got to learn the music as a team of some amazing musicians around the same age as me made the experience so much more fun. 

Chloe Turnbull, alto saxophone (Year 11) – I had a really good weekend at SHEP. I’ll take any opportunity to play saxophone with new people and new conductors and play new pieces. I really enjoyed learning new pieces and meeting new people who helped me expand my abilities as well as seeing friends I know from previous bands or other places. It was a very good weekend and I’m very grateful for the opportunity I was given to play in SHEP this year. 

Daniel Draper, tuba (Year 12) – SHEP was an amazing experience. Getting to work with so many like-minded, and highly skilled people. And somehow performing 4 songs perfectly after just a few days of practice really shows the power music has to bring people together. Myself and the rest of the bass row brass hit it off so well that we forgot to introduce ourselves until the end of day 2!

Grace Pearson, alto saxophone (Year 11) – I really enjoyed SHEP, I learned a lot from the whole experience and my teacher and I have even agreed that I have become a better musician since the event, I enjoyed pushing myself and learning new music in a short amount of time and even playing with a new conductor (it’s harder than you think). SHEP helped me not only grow as a musician but also as a person, I will forever remember and recommend this experience to everyone. 

Isabella Buckland, clarinet (Year 10) – SHEP was an amazing opportunity. I had so much fun learning all these new songs and getting to know other people from all across the Sunshine Coast and Queensland. It was really fun and challenging, and I loved it.

Ebony Hilton, Secondary Teacher Music + Head of Arts

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