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Year 4 Cultural Art Incursion

  • May 23, 2024

Year 4 Cultural Art Incursion

The Year 4 students recently delved into the realm of Indigenous Australian heritage, guided by the expertise of our local Indigenous Artists, Peter and Cholena Hughes.  They were introduced to the world of ochre, a pigment steeped in history and tradition among Indigenous communities. Peter and Cholena shared tales of its significance in ceremonies, storytelling, and art. Students transformed natural ochre pigments into artworks.

As part of this incursion, students also explored Indigenous artifacts such as spears, boomerangs, clapping sticks and didgeridoos. These relics offered glimpses into the cultural heritage and stories of Indigenous peoples.

A big thank you to Peter and Cholena Hughes for helping our Year 4 students discover Indigenous art and culture.  Our students fostered an appreciation of the connection between art, culture and history.

For more photos please click HERE

Desley Maciejewski, Year 4 Team Leader

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