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Say it with fabric

  • October 8, 2014

Say it with fabric

Like ICT tools and spoken languages, fabrics can be used to tell a story. Like movies, they can be used to portray an idea. Students have had the opportunity to research on different cultures and tell that cultures story using fabrics.

A good understanding of cultural symbols and their meanings, as well as the significance of colour choices, all put together, resulted in beautiful pieces of work. Textiles have always been used to tell a story, and will continue to do so. Well-done Year 10 IFD.

Streetwear is a vastly growing fashion trend that has changed the face of the Fashion Industry in a tremendous way.  The students have designed and produced beautiful single pieces. They then used them to complete a Streetwear outfit. They produced some highly marketable garments.

Primrose Kombanie

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