Noah Smerdon National Champion – A First for GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

Noah Smerdon National Champion – A First for GCCC

  • October 8, 2014

Noah Smerdon National Champion – A First for GCCC

Noah Smerdon raced five perfect races to gain five decisive wins and become the Australian 7 – 9 yrs Motocross Champion during the holidays.

The competition was held in Appin near Sydney where the crowd was treated to some spectacular motocross racing. Both Noah and Adam Smerdon raced over four days in heats and finals against the very best and experienced riders from all over the Australia.

Noah, who was selected to ride as a member of the Queensland Junior Motocross racing team, blitzed the field in the 65cc 7 – Under 9 year class winning every race by 9 – 19 seconds. He rode aggressively, being the first to the first corner twice and skilfully negotiated the corners and mounds without mishap in every race. He was the only rider in the whole competition to win every race in their division. “Undoubtedly the most dominant performer so far has been QLD KTM rider Noah Smerdon who clinched his 65cc 7 – Under 9 class by going through every race undefeated” Motorcycling Australia report.

Noah and Adam both train three days a week with their coach on their home track and also compete regularly around Queensland and beyond. They love motocross and enjoy training and their results are due reward for their effort, commitment and talent. Of course both boys also give credit to their family and coach who support them in everything they do.

Adam also competed at Nationals in the 65cc 9 – Under 11 year class against 82 other riders including the current Australian and World Champion. After riding 6 races, Adam qualified in the top 30 to progress to the finals. He rode one particularly great race in the finals, finishing in 16th place with his overall place ending up as 26th in Australia.

We are all very excited and proud of both Noah and Adams results and look forward to following their progress in the future.

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