Senior School News 10.10.14 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 10.10.14

  • October 8, 2014

Senior School News 10.10.14

Welcome to Term 4

Congratulations Courtney!

For one of our students, the holiday break was particularly well deserved! Courtney Sinclair, one of our College Captains, contested the “My First Speech” competition and achieved Runner Up.  This is a competition open to all students in Years 10 – 12 across Australia and is a highly prestigious competition.  Courtney’s task was to imagine herself as a newly elected Member of the House of Representatives and to write a 3 minute speech about issues she is passionate about.  She then had to record herself presenting the speech on video.  If you would like to see Courtney’s speech along with the other finalists then go to

As runner up, Courtney has received a cash prize of $350 ($100 to the Courtney and $250 to the school). She will also be flown to Canberra for two nights in December to deliver her speech live and undertake a program at Parliament House.  Congratulations Courtney!

Education Perfect Awards

Congratulations to Nathan Schafer who achieved a GOLD award for the Maths Championship, a SILVER Award in the English Championships and a CREDIT award for the Science Championship. Also congratulations to Miles Dawson who achieved a GOLD award in the English Championship and Vanita Mens for a GOLD award in the Maths Championship.

For most of us, holidays are great times to recharge and refocus on the term ahead.  Term 4 already looks like it is going to be extremely busy too.  Hopefully students have managed to get a well earned break and are prepared to put in the required effort to finish well in this final term.

Below are a list of events that you need to be aware of:

Week 2

  • Tuesday –
    • Year 11 away all day at the Rotary Young Driver Awareness Program
    • Year 12 attending a Peer Power Character and Leadership Development Program
  • Wednesday –
    • Year 10 – Mock job interviews
    • Year 12 – Community Service Day

Week 3

  • Monday – Student Free Day
  • Wednesday – Sports Awards Night

Week 4

  • Tuesday – Red Cross volunteer blood donations
  • Thursday – Jesus Racing Team combined Secondary Chapel

Week 5

  • Tuesday – Secondary Awards Night – COMPULSORY EVENT for all students.

Week 6

  • Thursday – Year 12 Exam Block commences

Week 7

  • Thursday – Year 12 Formal
  • Friday – Final Day and Graduation Day for Year 12

Week 8

  • Monday – Friday Year 11 Exam Block
  • Friday – Last day Year 10 & 11
  • Friday – Year 10 Celebration Dinner Dance

Uniform reminders:

Term 4 – boys are not required to tuck their shirts in or wear a tie.  The exception will be for Awards Night on 4 November when full formal uniform is required.

Please ensure your child’s hair is cut appropriately.  Please note that hair must be styled in a way that does not draw undue attention to the student.  No unusual lines or tracks should be shaved into the student’s hair must be a natural hair colour.  Students who do not meet these expectations may be sent home.

Term 1, 2015 – Note that there are changes to uniform in 2015.  Senior students must purchase a blazer.  Formal hats must be worn with dress uniform and the sports bucket type hat is to be worn with sports uniform only.

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