Principal's Address 6 March 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 6 March 2015

  • March 4, 2015

Principal’s Address 6 March 2015

College name adjustment and new logo

Some of you may have heard rumours of a new name and logo for the College. We were hoping to announce this in the first week of Term 2 when all the graphic design elements were finalised but didn’t want you to worry about what this would mean for uniforms etc.

From Term 2 the College will be known as Glasshouse Christian College, dropping the word ‘Country’ from the name. The main reason for this is that so many people are confusing our name that it is affecting our profile on the Sunshine Coast.  It has been very frustrating to continually hear our College called by the wrong name even in our local community.

The name changeover will be a very gradual transition to reduce cost and waste. You will not need to purchase new uniforms as we will slowly introduce the new name and logo as stocks run out. The new blazers which have already been ordered will all have the new logo on them. The uniform colours are all staying the same as only the logo and name have been changed.

This marks a significant time in our College’s life and I hope you will all like the new name and logo as much as I do.

P and F Trivia Night 14 March

With the postponement of the P and F Family Fun Day, the Trivia Night is the next thing on the social agenda and promises to be a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an Einstein to enjoy the night; just be ready for some good laughs and to make some new friends.

Why not form a class team with other parents and donate all your winnings to your child’s class? Just think what they could do with the first prize of $250! If you are struggling to find one or two extras for your team, don’t forget you can ask your friends and family as the night is not limited to parents and friends of GCCC. We don’t want anyone to miss out.

Here are some questions which won’t be asked on the night but if you join us, you will find out the answers:

  1. Will the red team be successful again this year or will another colour rise up to challenge it’s spot in the limelight?
  2. Will the pink team entertain us with their funky costumes and over the top accessories again?
  3. Will the blue team cruise quietly along and then snatch victory from the hands of the red team?
  4. Will the purple team overdose on all the purple-wrapped Cadbury chocolate decorating their table?
  5. Will the black team take out the award for the sheer elegance in dark décor?

Personally, I will be cheering for the purple team again this year. For all the details of the night, just click here.

Dogs on premises

I know that a dog is often a treasured member of the family. Some parents use the short walk to and from College to pick up and drop off their children as the ideal time to take the dog for a walk.

However, the College has a duty of care and the presence of dogs on or near school grounds may represent a risk of bite or injury to students, staff and visitors at the school. Some children (and adults) also find it stressful and frightening to be near dogs.

I value pet ownership and believe it is a good experience for children but bringing dogs into a child-focussed environment carries with it the risk of physical injury to children, no matter how friendly or well-controlled the dogs may be.

Therefore, our policy is that no dogs are permitted inside the College grounds. Assistance animals (i.e. seeing eye dogs) are naturally exempted from this policy. This also means that dogs must not be tied up around the main entrances to the College campus where children may have to walk past them.

However, if you have a very well behaved dog and it is on a leash, you may choose to drop off and pick up your children just outside the College grounds. Just ensure that there is plenty of room for others to walk past without coming in close contact with your dog.

New Building Update

For those who follow us on Facebook you would be seeing photographic updates on a regular basis. For those who not on Facebook, you can click here to see some of the more recent photos.

We are all very excited to watch the progress of these dynamic looking buildings and can’t wait for our students to move into them at the beginning of Term 2.

How to help your children be better students

Tip number 3: Use e-mail to keep in touch.

Email is a great way to reach your child’s teacher without having to play phone tag. Teachers then have a record of a conversation or can print information out to put in a student’s file as a reminder. If you know what your children are struggling in, please feel comfortable emailing the teacher about it. They want to know that the student needs help. Communication needn’t be limited to when there’s a problem.


Mike Curtis, Principal

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