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Primary School News

  • March 4, 2015

Primary School News


It was a hive of industry last Friday as students and staff put their shoulder to the wheel and worked together to clean up their individual House Area of the school.

The team of judges allocated scores for House Spirit, Industriousness and Total Student Involvement.

As the icing on the cake, the long awaited new roof on our Little Red Café was put up late Friday afternoon. Students just LOVE this play area and it is always completely full of children in both breaks and after school. The lower primary SHED BOSSES make sure that the enamel pots and pans, plates and cups are out each lunch break so children can enjoy creative play. I have personally been offered a number of exotic dishes, sweets and drinks as I walk past the café at breaks and have a difficult time resisting devouring the “dirty” cup of tea and the “sand” cake with flower decorations on top. I love to watch the children’s faces as they role play shop assistants and customers.

The results of the Clean Up Australia for the different Primary sections in the school will be announced very soon. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the photos:


If your child comes home with a Leadership Passport, you will know that he/she is keen to earn a leadership badge this year. This is a wonderful opportunity for any Year 6 student who aspires leadership to serve the College and earn a badge. We applaud the students’ enthusiasm to do blocks of time serving the College in a number of ways.  Library monitors, lunchtime buddies for other students, games monitors for the junior students, flag monitors, organizing sand pit toys for the Year 3 – 6 sand pit on the oval are just some of the ways Year 6 students can serve.

This is a wonderful way for our budding leaders to show how responsible they can be and earn the required number of points for their leadership badge.

Provision has been made for those who are involved in extra curricular activities at lunch break, so they will still be able to earn their badge.

The passport will be signed off as they report for duty in the designated areas and this will be a record of their service.


On Wednesday 4 March our Adopt – a – Cop, Susan, presented sessions to students in Year 1 – 6 in different age groups, to make them aware of safety when using IT. Please ask your children to share what they have learned with you. As a school and as a family we all need to be mindful of the incredible benefits of IT but must also be very aware of the need for our children to be educated about Cyber Safety and be equipped to navigate any dangers which they may encounter over the years. Cyber safety will be a focus at the beginning of every year with different presenters speaking to students at various times!

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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