Principals Address 19 September 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principals Address 19 September 2015

  • September 16, 2015

Principals Address 19 September 2015

It looks like we are seeing Term 3 out in style with some of the biggest events of the year occurring within the last fortnight.

Shine Take 2 

After postponing Shine due to bad weather a couple of weeks ago, we were a little anxious about the rain which seemed set in by Friday afternoon. However, no drizzle could dampen the excitement and enthusiasm which radiated from our students, staff and volunteers during the all-day set up for the event.

The weather forecast kept promising to clear up by 5pm and it stayed true to its word (for once).

SHINE was a tremendous evening. It was truly a celebration of the wonderful things that are happening in our performing arts right across the College. It made me immensely proud of our College, our students and staff.

I would like to especially thank Stacey and Rochelle and everyone in the Arts team. The performances were excellent and the whole night went very smoothly. It was also very well supported by students and parents. We had many volunteers on the night and even though I can’t mention them all here I would like to especially thank Leah Roulston and Jenny Broderick who spent hours in preparation and organisation for the night.

The night also looked spectacular and very much lived up to the Shine name. It is amazing what Patrice and the Art Department can do with some plastic bottles and sticky tape sculptures.

The quality of the student artworks that were on display in the library was also quite breathtaking. The talent of our students is quite extraordinary. This is what Shine is about; really giving our students an opportunity to demonstrate their amazing abilities.

Finally, a big thanks to Tim Siggs and the Maintenance Team who once again did a fantastic job and hours of work in assisting the Shine team in preparation for the evening so that the College was showcased at our absolute best.

So to everyone involved, I would like to congratulate you on a most successful evening. Please click here if you would like to see photos from the night.

Prep to Year 8 Athletics Carnival

This was another event we had to postpone due to the bad weather earlier in the term. The rain set in halfway through the carnival but not before the students enjoyed all the fun of dressing up in house colours, cheering competitions and many of the events.

We will have more information on race and event results in the next newsletter.

Out with the old, in with the new.

We are proud of our facilities at Glasshouse Christian College but one item which was showing the ravages of time was our Queensland flag. It was faded and a little tatty in one corner so a request for a new flag was made to the local member Mr Andrew Powell.

On Monday 7 September Mr Powell visited GCC to present the flag at a special assembly with some of our Upper Primary Classes. I was very proud of our students when I walked into the assembly with Mr Powell. You could have heard a pin drop! Everyone was sitting quietly and there wasn’t a wriggly student among them. Even Mr Powell commented that he didn’t think he had ever seen that many students be so quiet and still.

Mr Powell addressed the students explaining the elements on the flag and the mysterious presence of the light blue Maltese Cross. Apparently, no one knows for sure why it is on our flag.

After the presentation, the Year 6 students walked over to the flag pole where the old Queensland flag was lowered and the new one raised. As if on cue, a light breeze sprung up and fluttered the new flag proudly against the blue sky.

Holiday time

It seems like yesterday when I was wishing you all happy holidays going into the mid-year break and now the holidays are here upon us again.

For some of our students and staff, these holidays will be especially significant. Our Fiji Mission Trip has long been celebrated as an event that has impacted the lives of our students as well as those who they are ministering to in Fiji. I am praying that this year will be no different and look forward to hearing all the stories when they return home on Wednesday 30 September.

For the first time ever some of our French students are embarking on a College study tour to Noumea over these holidays. They leave on Sunday 20 September and return on the following Thursday. It will be a short trip, but hopefully, a valuable one as they soak up the French atmosphere, language and of course, the famous bakeries.

For those of us staying at home or enjoying a family holiday, I do hope you have the opportunity to make the most of the extra time with your children while they aren’t at school. Time flies and before you know it they have grown up, left school and possibly moved away for work or university studies. This is a time to treasure and I hope you do so.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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