Principals' Address 12 May 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principals’ Address 12 May 2017

  • May 10, 2017

Principals’ Address 12 May 2017

It seems a lifetime ago but when I wrote my last newsletter article it was before we experienced the effects of former cyclone Debbie. As you know, we made the call to close the school for two days, acting on the best advice of the authorities and in line with the state schools.

I want to thank all our families for their understanding and support during what must have been a very confusing and inconvenient time for many. We were very grateful that the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted but felt for our neighbours up north and across the border in New South Wales.

Anzac Day

Commemorating Anzac Day has always been an important event at Glasshouse Christian College which is why we have our own service and also take part in the community event. This year we were privileged to have a Catafalque Party courtesy of the Enoggera Army Barracks begin the service at GCC and this was followed by musical and poetical items by students. Photos here.

GCC also has a strong tradition of supporting the local march and the service that follows. This year was perhaps our strongest showing of support ever. I am immensely proud of our students during the march, they are well behaved, well attired and turnout in pleasing numbers. I believe this sends a powerful message to our community and importantly to the service men and women who are at the event that GCC is a school that honours Anzac Day and all that it represents.

We were also invited to play a major role in the Anzac memorial service at Australia Zoo this year with two of our senior students taking the lead in the ceremony. The students read from the journal of a local who actually served in the Gallipoli campaign. His grandson was there in the audience too.

This year we were honoured to be invited by the RSL to make some very significant contributions to the memorial service. Our band provided the music, our students were song leaders and recited poems and our very own Bakani Kombanie played The Last Post and Reveille. This was the second year that Bakani has been invited to do this. I firmly believe that these honours were bestowed upon us by the faithful turnout each and every year. This would not be possible without the support of our staff, students and their families so thank you to everyone who made this possible. 

Incorrect Uniforms

As you are well aware this year we have reached the deadline on the uniform changes that make our transition to our new name of Glasshouse Christian College complete. This has been a process that has taken over two years.

However, I have been noticing some students that still either do not have compliant items of uniform or are wearing unauthorised alterations to their uniform. This is not permitted. While I appreciate that these alterations are made with the intention of trying to fit in many of these alterations are very noticeable and are inferior to the standards that we are hoping to maintain at GCC.

Consistency is important to any school uniform as it is to ours. We have high standards and they are the standards that every family at the College have signed up to support through enrolment. Students wearing a hotchpotch of unauthorised alterations to the uniform is not good enough. We are asking all families to please rectify this as soon as possible.

Baby news

Congratulations to Rachelle Kavanagh and her husband Ben, on the birth of Charlie Joseph Kavanagh born 25 April (yes, an Anzac Day baby). Charlie couldn’t wait to come into the world and was a week early but at eight pounds, one ounce (3674 grams), he was well and truly ready! 

Congratulations also to Pastor Fiona Cran who became a grandmother for the first time, over the weekend. Fiona’s daughter Rachel, gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Matilda May.

Staff Movements

Rick Rogers has been at GCC since January 2014 and during that time he served as a Primary Teacher and then Middle School teacher this year. Unfortunately Rick left at the end of Term 1 and I am sure you will join with me in thanking him for his years of service and wishing him God’s richest blessings in his future endeavours.

Neil Capps has been hired for Rick’s position and begins on 15 May. Neil comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience and was Head of Maths at GCC back in 2013. I hope you will make Neil welcome.

Open Day – Saturday 20 May 2017 from 10am to 2pm

Open Day is only one week away!  For many of you this was your first introduction to our excellent school and this is going to be true for many of our new and future families. It is a great day when we as a College are able to share with our present and future community what it means to belong to GCC and what educational opportunities we can offer.

There will be student performances, plenty of entertainment for the little ones such as a jumping castle and petting zoo, the Eagle Hunt and a wealth of other attractions. The train will also be coming back again this year so that you will be able to more comfortably tour our ever-expanding campus. Of course, if you prefer a more in-depth and personalised tour, we will have student-led tours operating at set times throughout the day. 

Open Day is a great opportunity for you to see your child’s classroom and some of their work. It is also a time when you can catch up with some of the recent developments that have been happening around the campus.

Finally, it is the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and neighbours to the College so they can see firsthand this school that you have been talking to them about for so long. They will be able to meet me and the other Heads of School so they can have their questions about the College answered.

So come along you are most welcome.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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