Principal's Address 10 October 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 10 October 2014

  • October 8, 2014

Principal’s Address 10 October 2014

Welcome back to what promises to be the busiest term of the year. I hope you enjoyed a relaxing time with your children and feel ready and refreshed for all the events of this term.

Double joy for Sarah Leary

Sarah gave birth to healthy twins, Maxwell James (7lbs 12oz) and Arabelle Rose (7lbs 2oz) on Friday 19 September. The twins’ big sister Sarannah is having a lovely time helping her mum with the not so little bundles of joys and the family is doing well. Sarah sent her thanks to everyone for their messages of support and prayer.

Pupil Free Day Monday 20 October

Verification Day is Monday 20 October. This means that Secondary teachers from around the state come together in panels to moderate and discuss Year 12 work from all government, Catholic and independent schools. Due to the interruptions this causes, it is a pupil free day in nearly all primary and secondary schools including Glasshouse Christian College.
For those who need to arrange for child care, there will be a Games Day run at the College. Helping Hands will be running this event and all the information is on our website. You will need to book you child in to take advantage of this offer. There is a small cost involved and you can find out more details by clicking here.

Speech prize for Courtney Sinclair

Congratulations to Courtney Sinclair who has been awarded second place in the My First Speech competition for 2014. As part of her prize Courtney and a parent flies to Canberra for two nights in December to deliver her speech live and undertake a program at Parliament House. More details are in Senior School News.

Noah Smerdon is a National champion

Some of you may have already read this on our GCCC Facebook page and there is more in the Sport’s section but it is so newsworthy, it bears repeating.  Noah Smerdon from Year 4G has won the National championships for his age at the Australian Motocross Championships. That makes Noah the National Champion! Noah won all five of his races and was the only competitor to do that at the championships. Congratulations Noah. All that training really paid off.

French trip success

From everything I have heard so far, the first ever GCCC French trip was a resounding success. I was very proud to hear of the students exemplary behaviour and a little envious to learn about some of their experiences. Jacqualina Vreeling has more details later on in the newsletter.  This trip wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for the staff willing to spend their holidays this way. Thanks to Jacqualina and John Vreeling, Beryl Morris, Stacey Whyte, Amanda Gook and Lee-anne Gordon.

Early pickups 

Last term I noticed an alarming trend of parents picking up students early from school. Attending school is compulsory in Australia and is also an important part of the enrolment contract you signed with us when your child began at GCCC.

I understand that at times early pickups cannot be avoided due to things like urgent medical appointments but I strongly encourage you to do this outside school hours whenever possible. Picking up your child early because it suits you or to fit in with a social engagement is not an option.

I was shocked to learn that some parents were picking up their children early because it was easier for them to arrive early to get a good car park. This kind of behaviour is selfish and thoughtless. By all means, arrive early but do not remove your child from school because you don’t want to wait in the car park. Bring a book or chat to another parent.

Early pickups not only disrupt the class but cause your child to miss important teaching time. Children are like sponges.  Over time, your children will learn from your behaviour that school and getting a good education is not important.

Early pickups for all but essential reasons are not permitted at Glasshouse Christian College.

Secondary Admin phone number

Remember that we now have a Secondary Admin number which is 5436 5693. This phone is manned from 8am to 3.30pm but will revert to Main Admin if it doesn’t answer within a certain number of rings.

If you have any Middle or Senior related matters including absences, detention, assessment calendar or Secondary event queries etc. then this is the number to call. A SMS will be sent out in the near future so you can add it to your phone contacts.

Farewell Louise Boxce

Louise finished her contract teaching 4M at the end of Term 3 and we wish her all the very best for her future. Ainslee Robinson will be teaching 4M for the rest of the year. Ainslee has taught many of the Year 4M students before so she will not be a new face to them.

 Mike Curtis, Principal

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