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Primary Sport Update

  • May 23, 2024

Primary Sport Update

Cross Country Carnival

The Cross Country course was marked with cones and tape early in the morning, with dew still resting on the ground. Before long the field was a bustling arena of anticipation and excitement. Students from Years 3 – 6 boasted their house colours, ready to race the various courses mapped out across the parkland.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the carnival was the unwavering support and encouragement shared among team houses, classmates and peers. Whether it was the thunderous cheers echoing from the sidelines or the uplifting pats on the back at the finish line, all students felt a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Regardless of placement, all racers were celebrated for their perseverance and dedication. From the triumphant smiles of the winners to the determined faces of those who conquered personal milestones, each student left the carnival with a sense of accomplishment in trying their best, which we are always proud of in Primary School.

Beyond the medals and accolades, the Cross Country Carnival served as a platform for nurturing essential life skills such as teamwork, resilience, perseverance, and goal-setting.

As we hung up the race shoes for another year, the highlights of the Cross Country Carnival were captured beautifully by Mrs Timmer HERE (GCC parents only can see these photos on Pixevety).

House Points Score

District Cross Country Team

With a one-day turnaround from the GCC Cross Country Carnival to the District Cross Country Carnival, the team of students was prepared and ready in record time. Luckily the in-class Running Challenge, along with the Early Morning Cross Country Training Program, had the students prepared and roaring to go for the District Carnival. Throughout the afternoon of races, our GCC team ran and cheered each other over the finish line, at the Maroochydore Sports Precinct. Overall GCC placed 5th on school points out of the 11 Independent Schools on the coast.      

School Points 9 – 12 Years
  • 1 St Andrew’s Anglican College 1,763
  • 2 Matthew Flinders Anglican College 1,653
  • 3 Sunshine Coast Grammar School 1,631
  • 4 Immanuel Lutheran College 1,562
  • 5 Glasshouse Christian College 1,501
  • 6 Pacific Lutheran College 1,472
  • 7 Good Shepherd Lutheran College 1,467
  • 8 Nambour Christian College 1,382
  • 9 Suncoast Christian College 1,317
  • 10 Caloundra City Private Sschol 549
  • 11 Caloundra Christian College 500

District Cross Country Placings and Regional Team Progression

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for Regional Cross Country, these students placed within the top six competitors. Unfortunately, only 10-12 yrs progress through to the Regional Carnival; however, I would like to acknowledge the 9 yrs students who placed in the top six, below. 

9 yrs Third place. Charlie Olds Third place. Lilly Stewart
Fourth place. Lillian Adler 
10 yrs First place. Ethan Doyle Fifth place. Peytence Formby 
11 yrs Second place. Asher Jones 
12 yrs Second place. Sophie Doyle 
Fifth place. Charlie Logan

Sophie Doyle. 12 yrs Girls 2nd Place.

District Sport Reps

Rugby Union

Congratulations to Dylan Townsend, James Townsend and Hunter Watson, Who were selected for the 10 – 12 yrs District Rugby Union Team.


Once again, Hayley Wall is on her way to victory, jumping her way to success. The following is a list of the carnivals she has competed in this year.

Wide Bay Interschool Regional Championships

Diehard Diva -8Ocm class Champion overall
90cm class – Reserve Champion 
FF Mascarpone- 80cm class 4th overall
90cm class – 3rd overall

Victory College Interschool Competition

Diehard Diva – 80cm class  – Reserve Champion
90cm class – Overall Champion
FF Mascarpone-80cm class – 5th overall
90cm class – 3rd overall

The Glennie Private School – Toowoomba

Diehard Diva – 90cm Overall Champion
FF Mascarpone- 9Ocm Class – 4th overall

Hayley and Diehard Diva won the highest points of the track and received a Champion Rug.

Upper Primary Running Challenge Excursion

In preparation for the GCC Cross Country Carnival, we held a Running Challenge for four weeks leading into the carnival.  All students across Years 3 – 6 ran amazingly, often making it difficult for teachers to choose overall award winners for their class. Teachers had the tough decision to select three award winners per class to attend the day. Students enjoyed a morning of free climbing at Boulder Heads Baringa. GCC parents can see all the fun captured HERE on Pixevety.

Early Morning Athletics Training

The Early Morning Athletics Team trained hard and fast. Students arrived at 7:15 am every Thursday morning to progress through all event training, developing skills and techniques in preparation for the GCC Athletics Carnival. Mrs Stott, alongside our GCC running coach Kavita and Rachel our fitness coach, enjoyed working with the students to develop their disciplines across all events. Please view the photos HERE.

District Athletics Team Training

The District Athletics team has begun training hard and fast in preparation for the upcoming District Carnival. Our GCC coach Rachel led the students through Sprinting and Long Jump techniques, while Mr. Bennett worked with the throwing team on Discuss and Shot Put.

Primary Athletics Carnival

Competition and Cheers at the UniSC Track and Field Arena: A Day of Sportsmanship for Upper Primary Students

The UniSC Track and Field Arena recently played host to an exhilarating day of athleticism and camaraderie as our Primary students showcased their talents and sportsmanship. The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm, from fierce competition to teamwork and participation-based games.

The Track and Field arena echoed with the sound of cheering as our young athletes dashed and leapt their way through various events. Whether it was the thrill of the 100m and 200m sprints, the determination of the Long Jump, or the precision of the High Jump, Shot Put or Discus, every section of the area had something to be involved in. 

Beyond the track and field events, students also participated in a variety of fun-filled games and activities. From sack races, tug-of-war, egg and spoon relays and pool noodle tag, there was no shortage of laughter and smiles as students enthusiastically participated, showcasing their athletic abilities, teamwork and positive attitude. 

The UniSC Track and Field Arena served as the perfect backdrop for a day filled with athleticism, fun and friendship. The day was capped off with the event of 100m finals. This event was sizzling hot and we were blessed with a quick drizzle of rain to cool competitors down. We thank God for perfect weather throughout the day as the dark grey clouds were often seen parting above us.

GCC parents can view the wonderful photos captured by Mrs Timmer HERE on Pixevety.

Josh Bennett, Primary PE and Sports Coordinator

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