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Poems are for Performing

  • May 23, 2024

Poems are for Performing

Our Year 7 and Year 10 students experienced the profound impact of words during the recent performances by Joel McKerrow. Joel, a performance poet, writer, and creative specialist, captivated and inspired our students with his dynamic poetry slams that engage both the mind and heart. Moved by his passionate delivery, the students were further encouraged to create and perform poems and stories and share their own words to impact their world.

In addition to his performances, Joel conducted interactive workshops where students explored the creative process of writing and performing poetry. These sessions provided hands-on experience, allowing students to discover and enhance their creativity under his expert guidance.

Our students gave some great feedback about Joel’s visit:

I think Joel was great!  He was confident, speaking clearly and loudly! Joel wrote and performed great poems that I enjoyed and I think he changed a few people’s minds on poems!  Tina – Year 7

I thought it was powerful and the message was important. The style was more like lyrics than ‘classic’ poetry. Connor – Year 10

I loved hearing from Joel McKerrow. I really liked how he introduced different, less structured styles of poetry, and presented it to a group. It was very cool, and I feel more comfortable writing poetry now.  Isabella – Year 10

I thought he was very engaging and made us think deeply and also laugh! I wish we had more time to be able to share our poems and hear what some other students had created.  Oliver – Year 10

Joel McKerrow’s visit was an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on our students, empowering them to express themselves through the powerful medium of poetry. We look forward to hearing the Year 7s share their poetry later this term and to reading the Year 10s inspiring creative writing. It’s fabulous to see them ‘work with words’ and to hear them share their voice!

GCC parents can see the photos HERE

Beryl Morris, Secondary Teacher Librarian

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