Primary Science Week Demonstrations 2023 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Science Week Demonstrations 2023

  • August 24, 2023

Primary Science Week Demonstrations 2023

The Year 11 UQ Science Ambassadors namely: Stean Wessels; Amyliah Harrison; Dominique Doolan; Keagan O’Flaherty; Lily Smith; Tiahna Davies; and Maddie Bell, organised several experiments to demonstrate to the Primary school students.

Amyliah demonstrated the ‘chilling effect’ of dry ice as it changed the colour of the indicator containing water from green to yellow and then red. She also demonstrated the erupting soapy bubbling effect of washing up liquid in warm water containing dry ice.

Dominique showed the students a chemical reaction that produced carbon dioxide gas. She then collected the gas in a balloon and used it as a model fire extinguisher to put out a small fire. Stean showed the students how to freeze a beaker to a piece of wood, whilst Lily showed the students how to turn water into ‘wine’.

Keagan demonstrated a chemical reaction to produce hydrogen gas. After collecting the hydrogen in a balloon, he attached the balloon to a metre ruler and exploded it using a candle. The explosion really made the primary students excited.

Finally, Tiahna and Maddie demonstrated the hair-raising effects of the Van der Graaf generator. A few brave victims (I mean volunteers) wilfully risked being zapped by this static-producing device. It definitely ended up being a hair-raising experience for these volunteers.

Finally, I would like to thank the Year 11 Science Ambassadors for organising the Science Show this year and Mrs Ritson for her assistance on the day.

Fenton Doolan, (HOD Science)

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