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Primary News – Friendship

  • February 20, 2020

Primary News – Friendship

‘Through Friendship we build a stronger GCC family’ – Primary Captains 2020.

Last week we held the Year 6 Leaders Retreat for our competent and capable 2020 Captains.

The group included the Primary Captains, Faith Captains, Performing Arts Captains and the six House Captains.

After a wonderful afternoon of team building challenges, a meaningful look at the Bible and identifying the examples of servant leadership shown by Jesus run by the Primary Pastors, Pastor Josh and Pastor Joc, Mr Curtis then spent some time speaking with the students about leadership and challenged them with a quote by John C Maxwell, ” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”.

This idea of leadership sparked interesting discussion over dinner at Mrs Browns and on the walk back to school in the twilight while eating ice creams.

On returning to school and setting up beds for the night in the Library, the team sat together to identify their ‘Know the way’ – their goal for 2020. It was interesting to observe the process of elimination as they whittled away at the many suggestions shared to finally arrive at two words they all felt they wanted to focus on this year. They were FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY.

These young students want to make their focus for the year ‘Friendship’. They feel that friendship is the key to developing a sense of belonging and will help students to feel a greater sense of being part of a family – the GCC family.

The ideas that have already been shared have ignited great excitement and I am delighted at the initiatives that they have already put in place. 

The Primary Captains for 2020 are:

Primary Captains                            Lillian Smyth and Oliver Geeves
Faith Captains                                 Mia Menkens and Timothy Ford
Performing Arts Captains              Jasmine Hazelden and Joy Kim
House Captains (Ararat)               Hannah Gassner and Thomas Turner
House Captains (Sinai)                  Breeanna Aldridge and Cooper Rana
House Captains (Zion)                   Claire Broderick and Eli Alksne         

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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