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Five reasons to be involved in Funfest 2020

  • February 20, 2020

Five reasons to be involved in Funfest 2020

Even though Funfest isn’t until August this year, our wonderful P and F are already in full swing organising class representatives, booking rides and planning a wonderful day for our families and the community.

I’m fully aware of how busy people are these days so I know you may be tempted to put requests for help in the too-hard basket but there are five very good reasons to be involved in Funfest 2020.

1.   Helping with Funfest is good for your mental health. Working with other people for a shared purpose is a great way to feel connected to something bigger than yourself, uniting with others for a common goal.

2.   Helping with Funfest is good for your children. Role modelling volunteering is the best way to teach our children the value of helping others. They learn to be generous with their time and serve others unselfishly. If you want these character traits in your children then role model it for them.

3.   Helping with Funfest is good for family relationships. Yes, helping does add to the schedule but helping with your children will result in quality family time. It’s a lot more fun and interactive to talk about what could be donated for the Prep mystery jar stall than telling them to turn off the TV.

Funfest 2020

4.   Helping with Funfest is good for the community. Beerwah, for all of its recent growth, is still a small town and we don’t often have a big festival right on our doorstep. Funfest is always a wonderful day for everyone and it will be good fun for the whole community.

5.   Helping with Funfest is good for the College. This seems the most obvious reason but there are three different ways Funfest is good for GCC.

  • The most apparent reason is the money raised. In the past, the P and F have used these funds for significant projects like the amazing playground on the oval, extra seating, the coffee van and ongoing amazing programs that benefit all the students.
  • The second benefit to the College is the moral raised by working together on such a big project and then seeing it all come together on the day. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of something that makes a big difference and helps so many.
  • The third benefit to GCC is that people from the community come onto campus and see what a wonderful College we have and enjoy a terrific time with their family. Even if it doesn’t result in an enrolment, it helps our ‘word of mouth’ advertising and awareness in the community.

I would like to conclude by thanking all the members of the P and F and all of our current and future volunteers for pulling together Funfest 2020. In the words of a famous Lego movie, “It’s going to be totally awesome!”

Mike Curtis, Principal

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