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Primary News – Citations and Homework

  • February 27, 2013

Primary News – Citations and Homework

Citations Reinstated in 2013

Last year, the demands on teachers’ time in terms of curriculum and planning (particularly with the National Curriculum) meant that we had to reduce some of the load – particularly in the very busy time at the end of the year.

Because we value the opportunity to speak into students’ lives – particularly in a public forum – to edify them and honour them, we have reinstated Citations this year in our Prep – Year 2 and Year 3 – 6 assemblies. This means that they can be done throughout 2013 and teachers can leave the busy times when their work load is so demanding. A class roster of student names will be prepared – in no particular order – and you will be notified when your child will receive his/her Citation on assembly, so you or another significant adult in their lives may attend and congratulate them.

The Citations will be printed on special paper and we know that the majority of parents keep these in a very special place for future reference.

I would like to thank all our teachers who put so much thought into the wording of these Citations to try to capture the essence of each student’s character (as they see them) on a day to day basis at school.

Homework Guidelines

Those of you who attended the Meet the Teacher Evening last week received a copy of the Homework Guidelines/Policy for Primary classes. For those who weren’t there for this presentation, the copies were sent home the following day with students in that class.

Please read these guidelines very carefully as any questions you may have regarding homework are hopefully covered in this document. Please contact the class teacher if you are experiencing any difficulties with your son’s/daughter’s homework as it will benefit your child if home and school work together on these tasks.
Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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