Primary News 9 August 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 9 August 2013

  • August 8, 2013

Primary News 9 August 2013

Learning Connections

During the Pupil Free Week, staff attended a two-day professional development on Learning Connections.  These sessions covered issues which can impact children’s progress developmentally and some strategies to assist these delays.

The Learning Connections Approach

The brain is the centre of all learning.  We now know that the brain is ever changing and that depending on what we do over the course of our lives, healthy brains can be improved.  Specific repetitive activities, experiences and mental exercises can assist the brain to reorganise its map.

Because our brain maps change, those with learning difficulties, developmental delays, attention disorders and behaviour problems can be helped to form new maps and neuronal connections, by getting their healthy connections to fire together and rewire to give off clearer and more powerful signals.  Research shows that as a result of training, neurons that fire faster give off clearer signals that have a greater impact on the brain.

Learning Connections programs assist the brain to fire better signals and to reorganise what was previously disorganised.  When this happens, learning programs become more effective.

The Brain does not Learn by Itself, the Body Learns too.

For most children, sensory motor integration and controlled motor ability develop in the course of ordinary childhood activities.  For some children this does not happen effectively resulting in gaps and irregularities in their development which can lead to gaps and irregularities in their learning.

Sensory processing disorders and retained primitive reflexes are almost always an aspect of children’s learning, attention and behaviour problems.  Immaturities in sensory processing lead to differences in behaviour and affect the child’s interpretation of the world, as the brain is inadequately programmed for learning.

Although the best time to address these issues is before children come to Prep, there are some activities which will assist – even during their school years.  Teachers in the Primary classes have been incorporating some of these Learning Connections activities into their programmes and in transition times throughout the day.

You may wish to visit the Learning Connections website for further information –

Sick Students

With so much sickness around, we have a duty of care to other students to minimize the effect of this.  Currently there are children being sent to school who have been vomiting during the night or who have terrible colds, ear aches or flu like symptoms.

Please note the College policy regarding sickness and what the procedure is.  It is essential that every family has an emergency contact if for any reason you are unavailable to collect.

SICK BAYStudents who are unwell or injured can receive short-term care by a First Aid Attendant in the Sick Bay, however after this time a parent or guardian will be notified so that the child can be taken home.  If the parent cannot be contacted, the second contact name will be phoned.

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell, as we do not want other students being infected.

In the event of serious illness or injury, the school will attempt contact with the Parent/Guardian immediately.  If the First Aid Attendant deems it necessary, the student will be taken by ambulance to the nearest available hospital.

To be safe, sick children should not be sent to school until they are completely well.  If they have been sick during the night, it would be expected that they would be kept home to recuperate the following day.  This will allow the student to come back when he/she is completely better and will protect other children from infection.  In this way, we can minimize the spread of these infections.  We would appreciate your support in this matter.


From time to time we find some “disasters” happening after school in the boys’ or girls’ toilets and are concerned that it may be pre-prep children using the facilities unsupervised.  Our cleaners do a wonderful job but are not expected to clean up after little ones have had accidents.

Please use the adult toilet near the girls’ toilets if your little one needs the amenities and they should be supervised by an adult, not a sibling.


Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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