Primary News 20 February 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 20 February 2015

  • February 19, 2015

Primary News 20 February 2015


What a wonderful day the Primary Swimming Carnival in Week 2 turned out to be!

One student who is new to the College made a comment to me which I believe is worth passing on in this article. She said “I’m having so much fun Mrs Bryers. At my last school in NSW we just had to sit in our House areas and listen to what ribbons the really good swimmers were getting, but today I’ve been in so many races and I really love the novelty events!” So hats off to Mrs Stott who understands how important it is for all students to participate on the day and organizes students into A B C D races so all children have a chance to shine and the A level swimmers still have the challenge of strong competition in their events.

Another pleasing comment came from Brendan from the Beerwah Pool. As well as being the proprietor of the pool, Brendan is one of our parents at the College so I was thrilled to hear from Mrs Stott that Brendan was very impressed with the behaviour of our students and with the “spirit” of the competition on the day. So well done to all students, staff and parents for a lovely 2015 swimming carnival.  A special well done also to the house captains for the way they led their teams from the tent decorations to cheering for every race.


I am sure that everyone who attended this evening would have enjoyed the class presentations and now has greater insight into what this year may hold for your children educationally and experientially in 2015.

We have had great feedback already this year from families regarding the positive start students have had. Our teachers work extremely hard to provide the best learning environment they can for your children to develop them in every way.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Meet the Teacher Evening. Our staff was grateful that so many parents supported these meetings and that they were able to meet so many of you.


It won’t be long before these new buildings are completed and our classes are relocated. We can’t wait! The furniture for classrooms was ordered last year after consultation with the teachers and the staff room furniture has been a whole staff decision also. Term 2 will be an exciting time for Year 1, Prep Maroon and our staff who were displaced from their lunch room so our extra Year 4 class for 2015 could have a classroom. It will be wonderful to have a place to call “home” again from Term2. The Year 1 classrooms will be the first of the permanent buildings on the primary campus and we can promise you that these classrooms are “cutting edge” design and will provide 21st Century learning spaces for our students.


Our first Parent Pipeline session will be held soon. An email will be sent home by the end of this week with the date and an invitation to attend.

It would be helpful for us to make these sessions a success, to know if a 5.30 pm session would allow more parents to attend. Last year the presentations were either in school time or 3.15 pm and we have a concern that working parents were not able to attend.

This first session will be an explanation of the Responsible Thinking Process, the RTC and how it relates to our behaviour management policy in the College.

If you would like to attend a presentation on any other aspect of learning or class programmes please send an email to and these responses will inform our decisions on future Parent Pipeline sessions. Please also let us know if 5.30 pm (possibly Wednesday) would be the preferred time for presentations.


Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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