Prep - Year 2 Cross Country - Glasshouse Christian College

Prep – Year 2 Cross Country

  • June 20, 2023

Prep – Year 2 Cross Country

The excitement levels were through the roof as the Prep – Year 2 students marched their way onto the Eastern Oval in readiness for their races. The atmosphere was alive with so many spectators to cheer on and support the students for an afternoon of races. 

The new Cross Country course that was mapped through the forest was an amazing addition for students to run through various parts of the back end of the college. A huge thank you to the maintenance team for all their work plowing, chainsawing, and taking the tractor through the bush to map this new and exciting track for students to enjoy running on. 

The year 6 House Captain Leaders did a fantastic job of acting as running course guides for each of the races. Additionally, there were the year 10 PE students that also assisted with running alongside the runners to encourage and help lead the runners.  

After all the points were collated. The Winning House was:

1st – Ararat – 140 
2nd – Zion – 135
3rd – Sinai – 100 

Please congratulate the following place-getters for their outstanding running. 

Prep Boys

1. Elijah O’Sullivan
2. William Fox
3. Linkin Bell

Prep Girls

1. Violet Tonna 
2. Alluka Constable 
3. Juniper Punch

Year 1 Boys

1. Zac Doyle 
2. Leo Hawker
3. Samuel Johnston 

Year 1 Girls

1. Alex Chisholm 
2. Myla Shiel 
3.  Jade Sheahan 

Year 2 Boys

1. Charlie Olds 
2. Danny Sharma 
3. Fletcher Hansen 

Year 2 Girls

1. Alexis Smith 
2. Lavender Bayliss
3. Lilly Stuart

Josh Bennett, Primary Sport Teacher

Please view the photos from the day on Pixevery here

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