Middle School News 22 August 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 22 August 2014

  • August 21, 2014

Middle School News 22 August 2014


Our French teacher, Mrs Gordon, mentioned to me that recently she went to a meeting with several state school teachers; she came away from that with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the amazing array of opportunities our students have at Glasshouse. I was reminded of this when I attended the dance excursion last Friday night. Do our students realise how blessed they are? Perhaps many don’t. And, perhaps this is something we should endeavour to ‘educate’ them about.

Study Skills Seminars

This week, all our Middle School Students attended seminars from a company called ‘Elevate’ on Study Skills. We hope in Term 4 to have a Parent Info Seminar on helping your child Study. Watch this space. You can find more info about this company and what they have to offer on this link . Your child should have a login to access more info from this site.

Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences

We are looking forward to seeing you all either next Tuesday or Wednesday night. Your children have spent many hours preparing their conference scripts and organising their work to show you. More importantly, the conversations that we will all be having celebrating their journey so far; recognising the struggles; and, then discussing ways forward. The booking info was emailed to all parents this week.


An email regarding games on iPads was emailed to Middle School parents last week: Here is a shortened version of this email:

iPads are primarily a school device, not unlike a textbook in terms of use and application, although obviously a lot more versatile. Our school uses the Responsible Use approach where we believe it is important in training a child for adulthood that they are taught how to use it respectfully such as having alerts on silent in a class and putting it aside when not needed for class work. When a student misuses their iPad, just like any other misdemeanour, a consequence is given. As a part of this approach we have, up to this point, allowed students, with parental approval, to access other apps besides the required ones set in our booklist.

Over the last term and few weeks, teachers have found it very difficult to monitor students who are not using their iPads appropriately, mainly due to the distraction of games. Feedback has also been received from concerned parents regarding this. To support families and to allow our teachers to do their job and for students to learn without distraction it has been decided that the school iPads must not be used for gaming.

Their may be some apps used in classes that have a game component, however, these will be clarified to classes of students where it is applicable and there will be no demerits or consequences issued in these cases.

There has been another issue in regards to students removing a component on their iPad called a ‘Profile’ this enables the school to ensure that we are giving your child a device that does not allow access to M-rated material and that while onsite, the internet is filtered. Students who have been found to have removed these – have had to serve an After School Detention.

I have appreciated your support as parents in response to these issues. Please do contact the Year Level Coordinator or myself if you wish to discuss this or any other related issues further.

Middle School Experience Morning

For all ‘New to Year 7 in 2015’ (both existing GCCC Year 6 students and new to our school), there will be an information and ‘Experience’ morning on Friday the 17 October from 8.45am – 10.30am. It will begin with a parent and student Info session in the church, followed by morning tea for the parents and three sessions for the students.

Year 9 Celebration Dinner

As a new class of Year 7s comes up, our Year 9 Middle School students are nearing the end of this part of their schooling journey.

At GCCC we celebrate the passing of this milestone with a formal or celebratory dinner. Note: in the past, Year 10 was celebrated with a Dinner Dance, this tradition will be replaced with only the Year 9 Celebration Dinner in 2015 that aligns our celebrations with our ‘schools’. It will be a semi-formal occasion where parents of the students are also invited to share in this celebration and a meal consisting of a 2 Course Roast dinner buffet-style meal. The dress code for this dinner is ‘Smart Casual’. (All too often too high an expectation is made for this sort of event. We encourage the young ladies to wear a dress such as they would wear to a casual party, or family and friends special dinner and the boys to wear button-up shirts, smart long pants or jeans with covered shoes.) As well, Year 9’s will be congratulated with a certificate at our Middle and Senior Awards Night.

Important Middle School Dates

    • 22 August (Friday evening) – Shine Arts Evening
    • 4/5 September – Yr 9 Girls’ and Boys’ Retreat
    • 12 September (Friday)Yr 8 Walk to Water all day Excursion
    • 8 October (Wednesday) – Messy Games (afternoon)
    • 14 October (Tuesday Evening) – Year 10 Work Experience Info Evening
    • 29 October (Wednesday) – Yr 9 Explore Uni Day
    • 4 November (Tuesday Evening) – Middle and Senior Awards Night
    • 4 December – Year 9 Celebration Dinner (Aussie World during the day)

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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