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Grit in Middle School

  • October 17, 2019

Grit in Middle School

This week the Year 6 students and their parents attended the Middle School Experience Morning in preparation for 2020 and, last week on Thursday and Friday, the Year 9 students went on the Boys and Girls separate ‘Adventurous Journeys’. These young men and women met the challenge of walking 13+ kilometres, showing kindness, and cooperation as they worked together. They demonstrated their prowess (or if lacking, good spirits despite the setbacks) in planning and preparing their food for two days, setting up camp and later on packing up. The camp focused on being courageous and intentional with their present and future decisions, along with an awareness of becoming the people God has created them to be. They were reminded of their internal ‘GPS’ – which may need tuning sometimes to align with the ‘true north’ of God.

Grit is an important topic covered in the information session for Year 6 students and is developed throughout many of the activities we put in place for Middle School students notwithstanding this most recent Year 9 camp. Interestingly, grit is not something you can just talk about. The only way you develop grit is by persevering, attempting, trialling and doing hard and difficult things. Our new year 7 students will need our support as they develop in grit and perseverance next year and, as they take on the challenges of Middle School and move their way through to this point where our Year 9s are now at. 

It is a privilege, as a staff member of Glasshouse Christian College, to be a part of these activities and we are grateful for these thoughtful, compassionate, fun and respectful young men and women.

Here are some photos of the Adventurous Journeys and the Middle School Experience Morning.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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