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Term 4 2019 – A warm welcome back

  • October 17, 2019

Term 4 2019 – A warm welcome back

It is already Week 2 and I am so excited about the term ahead. Term 4 is always action-packed, filled with learning, celebrations and special occasions. The Mitchell family celebrated the marriage of our youngest twin son Andrew in the first week back to school explaining this rather belated welcome to Term 4. I pray that everyone had a lovely break and that all our students have returned to school, ready to start the term on a good note and ready to finish the year well. 

Save the Date

As mentioned above, this term is packed with many special events so please mark these dates on the family calendar:

13.11.2019 Year 6 Leadership assembly
                     ICAS certificates presented at Year 3 – 6 assemblies
22.11.2019 Year 6 trip to Wet & Wild
27.11.2019 Year 5 Band Concert
28.11.2019 Primary Awards Presentation ceremony Prep-Year 6
29.11.2019 Year 3 Smart Strings concert
2.12.2019   Orientation morning
                     Lower Primary Christmas Concert. Click here for your invitation
3.12.2019  Upper Primary Christmas Concert. Click here for your invitation
                    Last day of school for Prep students
4.12.2019 Year 6 Graduation
                   Lower Primary Swimming Fun day

These are all very important dates and we hoping that you will be able to join us for many of these events. You will be receiving detailed information in the near future so please keep a close eye on your emails. 

Uniforms and hats

In general, Primary students are to be commended for the high standard of uniform code and we appreciate your assistance in maintaining our uniform standards at GCC. Even though we are in Term 4, we will be holding the line firmly in terms of our uniform code so please refer to the College website for details regarding uniform and hair expectations if you have any queries. We will be conducting a uniform and hair check at the start of Week 3. 

Students must bring their hat to school every day.  It is not only important for break times but also PE lessons that are run throughout the day. 

Please check that ALL uniform items are clearly named.

Stationery and equipment

In Term 4 some children are now running short of supplies, especially glue and pencils. Please do a quick stationery check and top up on any equipment that is missing or depleted. Children need the correct tools to be able to work effectively.

Pick up arrangements

If your arrangements have changed recently, please contact your child’s teacher and let them know as soon as possible so our records for Term 4 are up to date.  These documents are helpful if the classroom teacher is absent or a specialist teacher is responsible for releasing students at the end of the day. 

End of year concert

This is an exciting night where all classes perform an item and I am sure you will all enjoy this evening as it is one of the highlights of the year.  Class teachers will soon be in touch with you regarding costuming requirements. 

Thank you for your continued help and ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you at many of the special events planned for this term.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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