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Middle School Character Day

  • October 29, 2020

Middle School Character Day

Curious characters and wild imaginations were on display for Character Day 2020 when Middle School celebrated Book Week and it’s theme Curious Creatures Wild Minds. The fantastic array of characters at Middle School Assembly showcased the creativity of our students and highlighted the imaginations and cleverness of authors and illustrators that bring stories to life for all of us to enjoy. Some students came as a character from a favourite or well-known book, teaming up or going solo.

The Cat in the Hat complete with rhyme guided the entertaining morning, reminding us that quirky words and funky rhyme can entertain everyone most of the time! The excitement of a great story and the memory of a fascinating character or plot will live on in the images captured across the day. Once again we are appreciative of the creativity and imagination of our staff who stepped into character and certainly did not disappoint! Well done to all the students who participated by coming ‘in character’ for the day and for contributing to a curious and creative Book Week 2020.

Character Day Competition Winners

GCC families can see all the photos in the Pixevety albums below:

Library Newsletter T4W4

Secondary Book Week

Character Day – Library Camera

Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarian

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