Library News Term 1 Week 5 2019 - Glasshouse Christian College

Library News Term 1 Week 5 2019

  • February 27, 2019

Library News Term 1 Week 5 2019

Library Weebly: The GCC Hub Library Weebly provides information about library programs, events and galleries and gives students access to a wide range of learning tools and databases. The Weebly can be accessed via the Library drop-down menu on Connect and can be accessed at home and school. Please note that the Weebly is password protected. Students will be given the password at school and are welcome to share this with parents/caregivers. Students across P-12 are encouraged to use the quality educational databases available under the iResearch P-12 tab on GCC Hub. Primary students are also encouraged to bookmark the Bug Club (Prep-Year 2) and Literacy Pro (Year 3-6) pages under the iRead (P-12) Tab.

Secondary Research and Assignment Assistance

Research is challenging and an important life skill but can be a complex maze in a world of surplus information. Finding relevant, quality information for projects and assignments takes practice, skill and also knowing where to start looking. The library team offer support and resources that are carefully scaffolded to meet the diverse needs of students at the College. Mrs. Morris (Secondary Teacher Librarian) is available to assist students to improve their research skills. Students can email a research query or meet with Mrs Morris for short sessions to enhance their information search and resource selection.

To support student learning a range of educational databases and other quality resource links are available for students to access at home and school. These databases are accessed via the GCC Hub under the iResearch tab. Students are encouraged to explore these databases in their search for quality information sources for their assignments. Over the next few weeks, a few databases will be highlighted in the Library News.

Britannica Online School Edition: (Prep – Year 12) Offers up-to-date learning materials, differentiated instruction and classroom support for students and teachers. Information and images can be saved and referenced. Also includes access to the The Learning Zone, for children 4 to 7 of years, providing play-based activities for younger students. There is an introductory video available to view from the link to Britannica on the GCC Hub.

Zone, for children 4 to 7 of years, providing play-based activities for younger students.  There is an introductory video available to view from the link to Britannica on theGCC Hub.

Britannica Image Quest: (Prep – Year 12)
This quality database provides access to 3 million rights-cleared images with citations for students/staff to use. Images can be saved and include reference details.

Library Webs: (Year 6 – 12) This educational database is relevant for Middle/Senior students and provides access to trusted links sourced by Australian educators. If you can’t find what you are looking for send you request through to Mrs Morris and this will be forwarded to the team at Library Webs.

TWIG: (Year 6 – 12) This science database contains short Science, Geography and Maths films 2-3 minutes in length. These films contain the latest information and state of the art graphics and are useful for discovering a wide range of science topics and concepts.

Next week, the new databases from Infobase learning  will be featured in the Library news. Please contact Mrs McKellar or Mrs Beryl Morris if you have any questions or would like to know more about helping your child towards research success.

Mrs Morris – Secondary Teacher Librarian
Mrs McKellar – Head of Library Services

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